gettin' crafty.

I'm about to get real crafty up in this blog... Well, in November. But I'm a little bit excited. I've got a bunch of projects that I just want to get started on already. And who knows. I just might start some of them early.

I'm going to paint the back "wall" of the bookshelves in my room, like this:

I'm going to make a sweatshirt like this one. Because I love this one. 
I'm going to make a pair of shoes like this: 

I'm going to try to make a few skirts similar to this one:

I'm going to make a chevron stamp like this:  and also a return address stamp. I'm super stoked about it. I've pretty much got the design down, and I'm way excited about it. 
I'm going to make our Barbies at home more modest. (I think I'm going to start this one early)
I'm going to make this sweatshirt. Because I LOVE it.
and I'm going to make these shoes. because I love yellow. boo yah.

I am way excited for these projects. Plus it will give me something to do during those two months of my loner status. 
Oh, to those who have children in the Bunkerville area: In November and December, I'm most definitely willing to babysit for you whenever I'm home!! Just let me know!!

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