God Bless Your Way

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last night right before parker took me home, we walked outside to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. never in my life had i seen something that beautiful. the world was quiet. and the Spirit of Christmas was thick in the air.

this last weekend, my mom gave me one of my favorite Christmas books-- God Bless Your Way, by Emily Freeman. this is a sweet story about an old man that travels to bethlehem to be taxed, just as mary and joseph did. he seeks out a place to stay for the night and experiences the same rejection at the inn. "then he noticed the stable. he felt warm for the first time that night. he went in and knelt by the manger, drawn in by the glow of its light... his gift to the baby was a kiss on his head, and he said, 'that's all i have to offer, how i wish i could give you much more. your mother is kind and gentle, your father let me in the door. they said you're from heaven. and that you've been sent here for my sake...'"

oh how grateful i am for the tiny babe that was sent from heaven for my sake. and for your sake.

as the world tries to drown out the true meaning of Christmas, i am so grateful for the tender moments where the world is still. i hope that i can be in a position to create more moments of stillness so that i can continue to reflect on my Savior's love, grace and Atonement. "Be still, and know that I am God." [Job 46:10]

if you can't find this Christmas story (because it's not available at deseret book...), listen to the song that was produced based off of the book. it is definitely in my top ten favorite Christmas songs about Christ (that isn't a hymn). hilary weeks does an AMAZING job and the Spirit that comes along with this song overwhelms me to tears every single time.

good luck on your journey & God bless your way.

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