grandma skills #1: the blanket burrito

as many of you know (and all of you soon), I have spent a lot of time around both sets of my Grandparents.

my Dad's parents live in my backyard back home. and as of right now, I live with my Mom's parents. I have absolutely loved both opportunities and have learned so much from all of them. I'm hoping to make this a series of posts because Grandmas are smart cookies. they've been through life. for reals. and I have noticed so many little tricks that both of my Grandmas do to make life a little easier and simple. I hope they don't mind me passing these tricks onward. :)

this first skill comes from my Dad's Mom. I like to call it:

the blanket burrito.

I am in this "minimalist" fad right now. this trick has opened up a TON of space for me.  {note: thick blankets don't work as well... they are still REALLY fat.} 
but let's get started.

pretty self explanatory...

go back to first grade. remember the hot dog and hamburger styles? make sure it is hot dog style. as in vertical. in half.

same step. only you want the blanket's sewed edges on top. the next picture is supposed to help make that more clear. 

it is REALLY important that the ugly (sewed) edge is on top. if it's not, then it won't work. and you'll be sad.

roll in the ugly. do you see where this is headed now? :)

you will need enough for steps 6-10. if you don't get it right the first time, don't fret. it happens to the best of us. just unroll the blanket a little bit and try again. 

you'll see why in a second.

magic.  the first time I saw my Grandma do this I just stared at the pocket. serious. who knew the "pretty side" could be so amazing?

this is where you find out if you rolled it too much or too little in step 5. if you rolled it too much and it won't fit into the pocket, just unroll it a little bit and try again. vice versa for rolling too little! if you rolled it too little it will look strange, have excess blanket hanging out, and won't be as compact.

keeeeeeeeeep stuffing. 

seriously. stare at it. be happy because you now can have more space rather than seeing that giant stack of folded quilts. now you can have a quilt pile-- kind of like a wood pile. earthy. crafty. minimally. {note: practice makes perfect. everyone's first few blanket burritos look a little weird. just keep rolling. you'll get the hang of it!}
good luck with your blanket rolling endeavors. let me know if you have questions!

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