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hey. i know, i've been slaaaaacking. at least in the blog world. in the instagram world, i am on top of things. (check it. sadieleigh13)

here are a few pictures of my recent happenings. i am SO incredibly grateful for everything that i've been able to do and be a part of in the last few days, weeks, months, and even years!

^^ i am so grateful for my W O N D E R F U L family. each of them have helped me soooooo much in my life and i am so grateful that i get to call them mine. ^^
^^ this was such a special experience. not just george's experience, but the experience of wearing that little black name-tag. that experience has changed my life forever. i wouldn't trade it for the world. ^^
^^ i got to see sister oberfield!!! i am so grateful that our paths crossed as missionaries. she is one of my very best friends. #bce ^^
^^ these folks are so incredible. think what you want, but i had the best mission president(s) in the world. hands down.^^
^^ these girls. when i saw brookie (the one in the green) she smiled SOOOOO big and gave me the happiest of hugs. that was when i knew that missionary work truly changes lives. even two year old lives. ^^
^^ i got to see the martins!! i love this family. they are incredible examples of faith and endurance. i have learned so many things from them. and i am grateful for their friendship and love! ^^
today in church, i heard a wonderful quote that i want to share and end with: "i am grateful that we don't have to be perfect to receive blessings, because i am not perfect, but i do feel very blessed." -- Nancy Leavitt

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