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Today was our family Halloween Party! It was loads of fun! We even had Justin Beiber visit us!
Sylvie the Poodle
Tyler as some rapper and Blake...
Our Supermen
Cameron as Tigger
Rex the Dragon
Julia as Cinderella
Nathan as Peter Pan
Lauren the Go-go Girl
Kaydee as Justin Beiber
Sisley as Elphaba
Clancy, playing his normal role- a goober
Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez- yes, we were graced with their presence today
Cameron as Tigger
Reece the Dragon (hahaha)
Marian the Gypsy
Davis the Pirate
Evan the Frog
Braden as himself.
Capri the Ballerina
Roman as Superman (showing off his muscles)
Cooper as Batman and Parker as Superman
Benson the Wizard
Peyton as Ben.. from something..

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