Happy Canada Day!!

Dear Family,
Happy Canada Day!!
hah. just kidding. America.
Happy Fourth of July Week!!
and Happy 6 Months to me! I got your package! It was a wonderful and very welcomed surprise! The skirt...... hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Talk about companion bonding. I got it on, but boy was it a struggle. I think I'll wear it tomorrow and then send it back to you because I had quite the time getting that bad boy on. hahaha. But I was super happy to see it! It was way cute too!

This week has been pretty awesome! We're working really hard here in Washington. We're trying to get our numbers boosted up and such because last transfer they were struggling a little bit. So we've been working really hard.
We got a text Saturday night that said President Morgan was officially our new mission president. We haven't met him yet so I can't tell you much of anything about him. I don't even remember where he's from. hah. I guess I could pay attention better. We get to meet him on the 4th, so I'll let you know all about him next week. It's been pretty hard getting used to saying President Morgan though. So usually in our prayers it goes like this: "Please bless President Cl---Morgan...." hahaha. We'll get there though.

This next week is going to be pretty awesome. We have Canada Day today! Then we have my six month mark tomorrow! huzzah! It's crazy to think that I've already been out six months. And then we have Wednesday-- District Meeting. So that'll be fun. Then the 4th of July! We have a ward breakfast, then we are supposed to proselyte until 4. But we have our Meet the President at 1:30, I'm pretty sure. So our day will be mostly ward breakfasting, studies, and then driving to Chesterfield. What an awesome proselyting day. hahaha. Then we have two BBQs that we have been invited to. (we scored on that one!) And then we are planning on watching some fireworks on our roof and then probably watching Legacy. Because that movie is great. (I'm not particularly sure why we would show that to anyone, but it's a good story.) Then Friday we have some stuff. and Saturday, well, Saturday is always a special day! And then Sunday, which equals church. So I'm pretty stoked about this week.

I hope everything goes well with baby Emma! I've been praying a lot for that little cutie with the big head. (I'm not actually sure if she has a big head, but it sure looks like it from all of the pictures I've seen because they are so close up.) I'm sure that everything will work out! I'll definitely keep praying though!
I'm glad that you all had fun this week! It sounds like you have had a busy summer. I hope all goes well with Mom and her getting her pins taken out. I'm glad that you're enjoying the heat. We are just loving the humidity here. I don't think I've ever sweated this much. It's so disgusting. But on the bright side, my hair is super blond and I'm getting pretty tan. We've decided that we're going to bike more and walk more. So that'll be fun. I just need some new white shirts because guess what--- sweat really shows up on colored shirts. and it's embarrassing.

This week's funny story: So we were walking all over Washington on Friday. We were on our way to an appointment and it was REALLY hot and I was REALLY sweaty. And so we decided to make a pit stop at Ace (the not-so-helpful place anymore) because it was on the way and I wanted to see if they had something that I could use as a fan. So we walked up to the doors and tried to open them. They kind of opened but they were extremely heavy. So we pushed harder. Well, they just weren't having it. So we pushed really hard and squeezed our way in. As soon as we got inside the doors opened up freely. I turned around to look at the doors because I was rather annoyed that they would just open like that after that huge struggle. And I read, "Exit. Automatic Doors." I started to laugh and the cashier said, "That's the exit." AFTER we busted through the doors. hahahaha. And then they didn't even have what we needed. So we had to shamefully walk back past the cashier girl (who was telling her co-workers about us) and out the doors. It was so embarrassing. But super funny, so we're over it. hahahah

I love you all.
Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. the last picture is of my nasty sweat. you're welcome.

I'm pretty sure that the little girl with me in the picture is Marian's twin. She isn't quite as sassy, but they're basically the same person. Just 1000 miles apart and 6 months apart in age. It's crazy. She's a cutie but she sure makes me miss home sometimes. haha. But
everything's good. I'm not homesick.

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