haven't slept a wink...

it's the third night in a row that i've laid awake in bed as parker sleeps soundly next to me.

i say this half complaining. but mostly with a full heart.
complaining because, well, i would kind of like to sleep. but inside my brain my continuous list of gratitude rolls along.
i'm grateful that parker sleeps so well at night because he wakes up early to go to work. 
i'm grateful he has a job that is steady enough to provide for our tiny little family unit to survive comfortably.
i'm grateful that we have a roof over our heads & a comfy bed to lay in.
i'm grateful for my handsome provider that brings home the bacon so together we can fry it up in the microwave. (because errbody knows this little woman uses the stove as an oversized clock 86% of the time)
i'm grateful for his parents who taught him to be a provider and a protector.
i'm grateful for his continuously willing open arms whenever i need or simply just want a hug.
i'm grateful for the strength and encouragement he gives me each day to pursue my dreams & not give up.
i'm grateful for the adventures & trips he plans with me.
i'm grateful that he at least listens to my crazy ideas for places of living, means of travel, career opportunities & random adventures before he shoots them down or brings me back to reality.
i'm grateful he sometimes goes along with the crazy ideas above. 
i'm grateful we have plans. 
i'm incredibly grateful my future includes parker. 
i'm grateful for the knowledge & comfort that we can be together for literally forever!
i'm grateful that forever is our goal.
i'm grateful we have goals, big & small.
i'm grateful that he loves me the way he does; that we laugh & enjoy one another's company. 

i'm grateful for his patience.
i'm grateful for the way he quickly asks for forgiveness.  i'm even more grateful for his quickness to forgive.
i'm grateful for him.
& i'm grateful that i haven't even slept a wink yet tonight because i've been reminded yet again how lucky & fortunate i really am. 

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