hawaii 5-0

as many of you know, i had the opportunity to go to hawaii in april. pictures are worth 1000 words. so, i'll just show you a few (there were TONS) pictures for your viewing pleasure. (note, these are not in chronological order and i'm too lazy to fix it, so just deal with it.)

under water pictures @ the swimming pool

beach trip after the temple

the blow hole.

the blow hole.

this is my model friend, rachel.

oh, ya know. just some yoga at the ocean.

on the top of our hike.

at the top of the hike. do you see all of those people? it was one crowded hike.

at the pcc

at the pcc

some nice folks took a picture for us. :)

sometimes it's best to just not ask... hahahah

the dole plantation.

cause we're on top of the world, hey!

just beachy.

i bought this after getting lost and ending up in china town. it was pretty delicious.


on the way home from church. :)

i want to give a few shout outs of gratitude at the end of this post!
- a HUGE thank you to my best pal, Rachel for letting me come visit her for 12 days and for letting me stay with her and for helping me to have such a fun time!
- thank you to my cousin David for letting us stay at his place when we went to North Shore-- that was so, so helpful!!
- thank you to my parental unit & parlos for dropping me off at the airport and also for picking me up!

i had such a blast in hawaii and i hope that those memories can tide me over until the next time! ;)

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