hint: green, tract, 6 months. (March 10, 2014)

Hello My Dears. I love you all so much. But I'm never coming home. I just love this place too much. That's what I've decided this week.

Things have been going REALLY well here! We were able to find two new investigators this week FROM TRACTING. For reals. I haven't tracted in like 6 months. And then we decided randomly to go and BAM. two new. Such a cool experience. hahaha. They're pretty awesome. I'm excited to teach them. So basically, I was going to go through this whole email without telling you what happened with transfer calls, but most of my important things to tell you have to do with the information that was given to me there. Sigh... fun email = ruined. oh well. My transfer doctrine: I will be staying in Sandy Creek FOR ANOTHER THREE MONTHS! boo yah. I get to train again! So I'm pretty stoked about that! We're getting another set of missionaries: Elders. They're going to live in De Soto. It's all pretty exciting. The ward is REALLY excited. And so am I! I'm really excited to have a more concentrated area. I mean, I've loved going all over creation for lessons and things, but I'm SO excited to be able to focus somewhere! And to be able to have a greater focus for the investigators that we already have! However, the Elders are getting ALL three of our progressing investigators. :( bummer. But it'll be soooooo good! They'll be able to visit more often and help them get to the waters of baptism better than we could! I'm stoked to be able to train again! I love the miracles that happen with new missionaries! They have such a great enthusiasm for the work-- it's contagious and I love that. I'm going to be needing some addresses though. Apparently two of the new Sisters are 30! And then I think three of them are over 23. SO for those fellas out there that want to write a missionary... I can hook. you. up. (or to their mothers who want them married in the next two years. I've got your back.) Guess what. I'm getting another car on Wednesday. hahaha. Make that four for this area. The car that we were given after we gave Sister Morgan her car back was temporary-- apparently. It's over 50,000 miles, so they're going to sell it. It lived a good life here in Sandy Creek. :) But everything is going well in this part of the country! It is really warming up and I just LOVE that. I'm not even wearing tights today! Or a coat. Or a cardigan. It's like 54 degrees. It's basically summer. (isn't that disgusting... that 54 is warm? it's supposed to be in the 70s today and I'm a little nervous that it might be too hot... what is happening to me?!) SHAYE AND JUSTIN! HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED ON SATURDAY!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I'LL DEFINITELY BE WEARING MY WEDDING OUTFIT ON SATURDAY!! :):):):):):) good luck! :) I hear marriage is pretty sweet. but I wouldn't know... I've never been married. The gospel is SO true! I love that I get to share it with the people of Missouri and Illinois! I love being a missionary! And I love seeing the changes that the gospel and the Atonement have made in my life. (I bore my testimony in church yesterday and I didn't even shake at all. now that is what I call progress.) I love seeing the blessings the gospel has brought into my life and the lives of those around me! The atonement is REAL and it is SO incredibly powerful!

I love you! Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt
St. Louis Street!!!

We ate at White Castle... just for experience. I will never be going back there again....

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