home means nevada to me.

this weekend before we took our trip to nevada, i changed my residency to utah. for some people that might not be a big deal, but home means nevada to me. i've always prided myself on being from nevada. 
when we pulled into nevada on friday night, the lights of the casinos shined brightly, like they usually do. i felt like i was home. i'm not an advocate for gambling, but those lights mean i've made it home.
saturday morning we took a ranger ride into the hills. as the dusty, warm wind blew my hair, i thought of all of the things that made nevada home.
home means mesas with purple mountains behind them. home means running barefoot and playing in the street. home means "yard work" is actually defined by a trip to Lake Mead. home means wearing shorts in the winter. home means that I can go in any direction for thirty minutes and find an adventure. home means blue skies and star filled night skies. home is that smell of old cattle ranches and dairies. home is driving down the road and seeing familiar houses AND knowing who lives in each house. home means small town Nevada to me.

changing my residency has been bitter sweet. bitter because for the first time in my driving life, my driver's license says utah instead of nevada. sweet because now i get to make new memories and find new places to love. living in utah doesn't mean that i'll forget my roots, it means i get to extend my branches. this is a time for growing and stretching. there's a certain sense of excitement when life brings something new. i'm slowly learning to love living in utah. and i'm so excited for the adventures and happy times to have here.
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and just for fun, here are a few more pictures from our fun little adventure this last weekend!
sometimes yellow construction tape tries to ruin your photos.
so you make your tall bff go take it down.

a man and his selfie stick.

my momma, doin her thang-- pickin up trash along the way.
(insert parker here)

parker should be a hand model. 
"i'd rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds on my neck."
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