honesty and service.

President Monson said: “A Latter-day Saint young man lives as he teaches and as he believes. He is honest with others. He is honest with himself. He is honest with God. He is honest by habit and as a matter of course. When a difficult decision must be made, he never asks himself, ‘What will others think?’ but rather, ‘What will I think of myself?’”

I most definitely think this applies to everyone. Man or woman. I love, love, love, the last sentence. It really made me step back and think. I am going to try to have this kind of mindset whenever I am posed with a difficult decision. 

What will I think of myself? 

Another random thought.

Lately, work has been slow, okay, more like non-existent. The Festival has been on a two week break for the cross over (season change) and I've worked approximately three days. The other six I've just sort of lounged around and not really done anything, except go to Institute (which has been awesome, by the way). But after Institute I don't really have anything to do. And I've used the excuse, "I don't have any money, what am I supposed to do?"

Good excuse, huh?

Well, I was thinking about that tonight and remembered a seminary lesson from my senior year. We were talking about D&C 58: 27 , and my teacher posed this question:

When was the last time you were anxiously engaged?
And then he said [something along the lines of],
If you can't remember, go do something, today.
Well, that's my new goal for the rest of this year. To find something to do for others each day.

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