How I Use My Paper Planner Efficiently

we’re three months into the year & i’m still going strong in my goals to be more intentional in 2018. i’ve slacked in a few areas & have lots of room for improvement, but i am just so excited to keep on keepin on throughout the year. 

today, i’m following up with my post for how to use a planner & a digital calendar. the system i created for myself currently needs a few updates (i got a new job so my daily tasks are a little bit different), but overall it is working great. 


i had a few questions about how i use my mormon mom planner & i wanted to go over those a little bit. i’m more than obsessed with my planner & use it every day, for lots of different things. i’m excited to share a few tips for how you can use your mormon mom planner!

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in the mormon mom planner, there are lots of different sections & calendar options so it can be a little overwhelming. BUT it’s actually a really great thing!!! 

if you remember from my scheduling tips post, i use my planner for EVERYTHING & then use my digital calendar as a timer to keep me on track. 

for the first calendar, i put the BIG events that are happening. this way, i can get the month at a glance. most of my days are filled with work or church in during the day, so i know that if i have something, it is typically in the evening. so when i’m looking at my month at a glance, if something is written on the day, then i have something that evening & can’t schedule anything else. if there’s nothing written i know that i can schedule something on that day. i also write when we will be out of town on my month at a glance so i don’t over schedule. 

for the week spreads, i use the top square for any important work information. the second square is for my social media & blog posts. the third square is for any other important information i need to remember that day. 


on the side boxes with the check marks, i put my editing list on the top box— if something doesn’t get done, it rolls over to the next week’s list. i put our grocery list on the second one... or snacks i need to bring to work... it’s basically the same thing.

on the spread with the monthly budget, i try to keep track of our debt pay off. this page is a little messy for me because i’m constantly crossing things off or circling things to keep it up to date.

i use the last calendar spread to plan out my blog content. i love that it has lines in the specific days. i like to write out potential titles in those lines. 


i highly recommend using the first two calendar spreads similar to the way i use mine. other ways you could use the last calendar spread would be:

extended family birthdays
tracking monthly or yearly goals
writing milestones that happen to your babies. (ie: first tooth, first word, started saying more words, started crawling/etc.)
writing four things you were grateful for that day
writing four things that were happy that happened that day

i love my planner because it gives so much space for organization but also has so much room for writing down important things about your family! 

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