How to Have Painless Photos for the Whole Family

Family photos are, well, stressful. We've all been there: trying to convince our husbands (and ourselves) that photos are necessary, that the photo shoot won't be that bad, that the kids will behave and it will be worth it in the end. Only to get to the shoot frazzled, stressed out and on edge because we want everything to go perfectly.


Well, today, I'm excited to partner up with Amberly from A Prioritized Marriage to share my best tips for painless photos for the whole family! Being a photographer, photos speak to me. I love having them in my home and our family photo shoots every year are so important to me. While I don't have kids yet, I've got a little puppy that is often cranky around new people and a husband that hates photos just as much as the next guy. So I feel your pain when it comes to scheduling that family photo shoot.

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In today's post, I will be sharing some of my best tips and tricks for your actual photo shoot to help things go as smooth as possible! 

  1. Don't bring M&Ms, Skittles or fruit snacks as bribery. Those nasty little candies (while delicious) cause SO MUCH SLOBBER and messy faces and messy clothes. Instead, bring Smarties and only pull them out when absolutely necessary. Don't even mention them on the drive to the location or while getting your kids ready because as soon as they hear there is a treat, that's all they will care about and want until they have them. So use your bribery wisely and wait until it is absolutely necessary.

  2. Go fast. One of the tricks I have up my sleeve is that I try to go as quickly as possible when it comes to family photos. Husbands and kids have about a 30 minute threshold for photos until they are just D O N E. And once a kid (or husband) decides they are done, they're done and there's no coming back. So choose a time slot that allows you to move quickly, follow the photographer's directions and I promise you'll get incredible photos and finish quicker than you thought. 

  3. Try to leave your stress and hopes of perfection at home. While this is easier said than done, something that is frustratingly true in almost every session is that MOM is so stressed and seeking perfection from everyone that she often is the one that ruins a photo by talking, not looking or not smiling. Just leave that stress at home, trust the photographer you hired and enjoy these moments. Snuggle your babies, kiss your husband and smile through it because these are the moments that are captured in time forever. 

  4. Be prepared for the in-between moments. As a photographer, these are my favorite moments. That little second in between poses where your kiddo grabs your face to ask you a question. The random hugs. The real laughs. Those happen in between poses and when you're least expecting them. Let them happen and be prepared for the shutter to go off because those moments are the memories captured in time that you'll want to remember. 

Family photos are reminders of the love and friendship your family has. So enjoy those minutes. Throw out your stress and love on your people. Real emotions bring the best photos, so put your love first and I promise your pictures will be more perfect than you could ever imagine.


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