"i just have a lot of feelings"

I got a text from my little brother this morning.  This is what it said: "Bishop just told me that your papers are in Salt Lake!"
and this is how I felt: (super excited. but calm)

and then I got nervous. so this is how I felt: (SUUUUUUPER nervous, but trying to be excited and calm)

and now I'm just like:  "come at me bro."

this next week is going to be filled with lots of awesome happenings. to name a few:

  • the Festival ends next week.
  • it's my mom's birthday and my family is going to be home!
  • I have a letter waiting for me at home!
  • my picture and information are going to pop up on that wonderful screen at the mission deciding offices this week!
  • I work matinees. (after two weeks of evening shows, that is like music to my ears)

it's a good thing it's Saturday because if it was Monday, I think I would die from excitement.

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