i need a man.

today i was scrolling through twitter, just for the fun of it when i saw a post that said, "don't be the girl who needs a man. be the girl a man needs."

what does that even mean?

don't be needy? you have to love yourself first?
maybe. that's fair and i get that.
but is that really what that means?

to me, that statement says men are too dumb to live on their own and we women are so kind to stoop to their level and take care of them. i don't like that.

i'll be honest. i need parker in my life.
he has helped me more than he probably knows... he might know. i tend to cry and share my feelings too much but he is always, always, ALWAYS there for me. i need that.

he provides for us. right now i have the weirdest "jobs" in the world. if parker relied on me for money, we would be so in the hole it's scary. i need a man.

he protects me & takes me places i would be too scared to go on my own. namely: hiking. i would NEVER go hiking on my own. and while some girls might, i don't. also, traveling. i traveled by myself one time. it was awesome, but i also got so lost that i ended up in one of the sketchiest parts of town. alone. and i was terrified. sometimes i need a man.

he is hilarious. where else would i find non-stop jokes & sarcasm if i didn't have parker? sure, some folks can provide me with 65% of the time hilarity, but parker gets my humor. we are the same there. when i get sad, he knows just which jokes to tell. i need this man.

he drives me to bunkerville. he goes to work. he supports me in all of my crazy & elaborate ideas. he sings to me. he works out with me. he makes me dinner. he loves me unconditionally. he goes to church with me. he lets me wear his snap backs. he makes me smoothies. he bought me an ice cream cake for my birthday. he lets me borrow his sweatshirts. he shares his food with me. he lets me sleep on his comfiest pillow. he plays with my hair. he tickles my back. he watches netflix with me. he goes on adventures with me. he's my number 1 fan. he stays up late to just talk with me. he texts me back. he gives me his suit coat when i'm cold at church. he loves me.

i need all of that.
girls, it's okay to need a man. and actually, i think that every girl should look for the man that they need. when he comes along, you'll know that you won't be able to live without him.

PSA: abusive relationships aren't ones to stay in. you DON'T need that in your life.

trust me when i say there are still good guys out there! don't give up and don't settle. but always remember these two things:

1. boys have flaws and that's okay. because SO DO YOU. there isn't a "perfect boy" out there. but there are a LOT of really awesome and really great ones.

2. you have to make your own happily ever after. it takes work. it's hard sometimes, but gosh, it is worth it!

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