i know i mentioned this before, but now that i’m sharing more on my blog vs. instagram, i have more power + freedom to share more about things. i wanted to share more about the podcast i was on last week.

as you are podcast is focused on helping people feel good about where they are exactly where they are.


my episode was all about living through the hard stuff. i recently read an article online about how everyone is grieving and that we need to go easy. (you can read that article here) i loved it so much because it is so true. everyone you meet is grieving in some way. i often think about how the very best day of my life could be and IS the very worst day of another person’s life. not to put a damper on my own happiness, but simply because on my very worst day, it was a regular day for literally every other person in my life. they had no idea that i had just had the worst day i had ever had. and i didn’t say anything or bring it up because it honestly wasn’t their business. but in that same breath, that same day (my worst day), i realized that i didn’t want to feel that way ever again and i didn’t want to have that kind of day again. so i made a resolution with myself that i would try my very best to LIVE each day. some days, i do a really great job at living and some days (today, hah) i have a really hard time getting out of bed. but as i try to do my best each day (whether that’s giving 110% or 30%— simply giving as much as i can), i feel fulfilled and honestly i feel happier. life is literally all about making choices. choices to progress or choices to digress. as you strive to progress, i just want to encourage you to take each choice that feels big one at a time. don’t overwhelm yourself with where you want to be, just take it one choice at a time and soon enough, you’ll look back and see the huge progress you’ve made. don’t allow your circumstances to hold you back from doing what you feel called to do. if you feel called to do something, i promise you that doors will open and the path will be made clear as needed.


you guys. i just have to share that as you are podcast is SO good. i have loved every single episode that they’ve shared. today, their episode was about beginning before you feel ready. i love this so much because it applies so much to where we are in our infertility journey. the closer we get to starting IVF (hopefully soon!!), the more scared i get. i am so nervous about so much of the IVF process, but just like mckell said on the podcast today, “anything worthwhile in life is always going to feel scary… i think that’s how you know it’s important.”


IVF is SO scary. it’s a big deal. it’s a BIG deal. it’s okay to feel scared. it’s okay to be nervous. it’s okay to feel sad about your infertility journey (or wherever you’re at on your journey through life). while there is so much validation in all of these feelings, there comes a point where you just have to take the first step. you just have to. whether that first step is buying an OPK (ovulation predictor kit) to see when your most fertile time is or setting an appointment with a specialist, take that step.

or maybe, your first step has nothing to do with your fertility journey. whether that’s starting a business or trying to make new friends. the point has come where you HAVE to take that first step and make the first move. it’s scary. i know it is scary. but with that risk comes great reward. i promise you that the sense of accomplishment and the feeling of freedom are worth the blood, sweat, tears, work and feelings of inadequacy. when you take that first step to make your life better, a weight will be lifted. you’ll feel empowered, energized and excited! so get out there and do the thing you’ve been wanting to do!

you can do this, friends. don’t waste away today wishing for better days ahead. don’t wait until you feel completely ready because sometimes you have to just act in faith. you’ve got this!

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