I will survive...

Dear Family,
I love you a whole heap. This week has been extremely trying. Not because of companions or the work or anything like that, but because of sickness. But I'll get to that in a minute.
So Monday and Tuesday continued with the snow. I don't know what it is about this place but we have gotten so much snow in the last two weeks. It's awful. 
We picked up our new companion on Wednesday, her name is Sister Linton and she's from Lander, Wyoming. She's super cute and really chill. I really like her. President Clark does this whole "nesting day" where we're supposed to make sure the new kids get all settled in before we do any work with them which is really nice on the one hand (when you're the new kid) but when you're not the new kid, you kind of feel like you're wasting a lot of time. I had to keep reminding myself of how hard the first couple days were as a new missionary and then I was okay with everything. But since the work is moving along really nicely here in Mexico, we didn't have a lot of time for nesting. We had 3 appointments Wednesday evening, so we made sure to go to those. 
Thursday was just as busy. Last week we had picked up a Former Investigator who also happens to be a minister. We taught him on Thursday and it was suuuuper rough. The Spirit was there for most of the lesson, but we got into a mini Bible Bash and that's when the Spirit left. It has left quite the impression on each of us. We were all a little shaken and annoyed by the end of the lesson, but we have decided that at our next lesson with him we are going to state our purpose and try to teach by the Spirit and if he wants to bash then we're just going to leave because we have other things and other people we need to talk to. 
Friday we drove down to Auxvasse and then to Fulton for District Meeting and got to meet our new District Leader, his companion, a new Zone Leader, and their new kid. (The Zone Leaders all got new missionaries as well, they get to train the Elders that were supposed to be going to Brasil but are waiting for their visas.) We went to lunch at this lovely little place called the Fulton Diner. It killed me practically.
On Saturday, Sister Linton and I both woke up with something awful. Basically, as Brian Reagan says, "My insides wanted to be on my outsides." But the worst part was, my insides couldn't figure out which way they wanted to go-- up or down. (That's probably too much information, but you all can deal with it, you're not sick, right?) So we stayed inside. We tried to get somebody to go with Sister Randall so she could get some work done, but our efforts were to no avail. And she had to stay inside too. And to top it off, we found out that one of our investigators who was progressing ever so nicely had to move because her house is falling apart and isn't livable right now. So we had to give her information to some Elders. Good right? Wrong. Her husband won't allow [other] men in their house. So she'll probably just go to church and not get baptized for a while. Sad day.
Sunday was Stake Conference. It was really good. I'm really glad we were able to go. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake and was just wonderful. After the broadcast the Mexico ward had a Linger Longer. It was super great. There was really good food and fun company. After the Linger Longer, one of our investigators had her Baptismal Interview!! She passed! And if we don't die by Saturday, she'll get baptized then! Her name is Hanna and she is just the sweetest little thing! Pray for her, please! We had to go get her Mom's signature on her Baptismal Record so we went and talked with her parents for a little while and then they invited us over for dinner! Score. So we left and then came back a few hours later for dinner. I ate too much. The food was really good, but I most definitely ate too much. I was seriously going to explode. 
And then I didn't sleep a wink last night. The same wretched sickness from Saturday came back. It's been awful. But I decided that I'm not wasting anymore minutes on that dumb couch in our apartment. We have too much stuff we have to get done today. We did call two of the guys from our ward to give me a blessing-- they're going to do it after we get done at the Library. Let me tell you, that was one of the hardest things I've had to do since being out here. I've been bawling about it all day. Not because I had to ask for a blessing, but that it's not from my Dad. (Try not to cry, Dad.) But I know that the power of the Priesthood is real and that it doesn't matter who the blessing comes from. I love you so much and I'm so grateful for all of the blessings I've been able to receive in my lifetime. I know that the Savior is with me-- just a prayer away. And technically, you're just a phone call away, but I wouldn't do that. 
I'm so glad to hear that you are all doing well! I'm so proud of all of you! Clancy is doing spring wrestling? And Shaye with the Drill Team try-outs-- just bring a LOT of tissues! And give them candy or something if they don't make it! Send them with something cheery! Addie and Scott, I'm glad your house is coming along! Good luck with the treatments and with your midterms! Parlos, a letter soon would be nice. ;) Momma, I love you a whole heap. Thank you so much for sending all of those letters and pictures. They really do make my day every time! 
I'm sorry if I made you cry. I cried at the Library. And at my apartment. And in the car. I think we're even. I look forward to hearing from you all next week! Thank you for your prayers and support! Pray for no more sickness! It's getting really old!  I love you so, so, so, so, so much! Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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