ijourn: begin again with a better diet this time

i’m starting a(nother) new series called, “ijourn” all of these posts will be about our infertility journey as it stands. parker & i have started “actively trying” again, so for my own sake, i want to be better about writing down this journey. i’m still writing a lot in my Good Grief journal, but i also want to write updates and experiences here because i feel like it’s important. so, when you see ijourn at the beginning of the title, you’ll know it’s an infertility journey update.


so, like i said, parker and i are starting to try again after our 5 month hiatus. we took a break for the summer & it was so needed. but we’re both feeling ready to start trying again. we’re going to wait another few months to try another IUI for financial reasons, but for now, we’re focusing on our all around health and diet. tbh, i am VERY nervous about this because when we were looking up how to have a healthier lifestyle and what the best diet (not like weight loss diet, but like diet as in what you eat) for PCOS was all of the things on the list are foods that i do not like. and vice versa. haha. so this should be interesting.

i’ve basically cut dairy out of my diet. and by basically, i mean i eat cheese and have the occasional glass of milk. i’ve definitely felt better since cutting most dairy, but if i’m being honest, i REALLY miss milk and ice cream. i am definitely a milk drinker, but it just isn’t worth the… aftermath… to drink a small glass of milk or eat ice cream. and don’t try to tell me that almond milk or coconut milk are great substitutes because they’re not. they’re not good. and dairy free ice cream has a weird texture. so i just basically steer clear of all of that. i’m slooooowwwwwwly trying to find new foods to eat instead though. especially when it comes to cheese. i just love cheese on top of things. (cheddar mostly… i don’t really like fancy cheeses)

but moving on from dairy. we’re trying to add more “starchy vegetables” and “dark greens” into our diet. and by trying, i mean, we bought those things at the grocery store this last weekend to try to eat those things for dinners this week. i’ll let you know how it goes. i actually really like potatoes, so that should be delicious. and salad is pretty good too!

i’m also going to try to drink more water… which i know will be hard because i actually don’t like the taste of water?? sounds weird, but it’s true.

but ya know what i can’t have anymore of? haha. ready for this list?
dr. pepper, donuts, hot dogs, deli ham, white bread

guys. i eat those things every single week. (okay, some of those things i eat every single day…) however, i am really excited to feel better/healthier. i’m excited to try to eat better. i’m excited to see how it changes things like my skin, my tummy issues and my fertility (obviously).


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