ijourn: God is in the details of our lives

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hey friends, i’ve been pretty silent around here for the last few weeks. simply because i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish things up at my day job. but i’ve officially had my FIRST WEEK of working for myself full-time and IT FEELS GOOD.


my stress levels have been a little all over the place. with a few frantic what have i done moments and then some moments where i had to be VERY adult-ish and then the rest of the moments have just been GOOD. it is so freeing to work for yourself. i still have a pretty strict schedule that i have to abide by to get everything done on time (deadlines, man. they are intense sometimes) but i’m so grateful to do what i love and have the freedom to enjoy myself while doing it! i’m VERY excited for 2019 because i get to work with a lot more new bloggers and i will be truly in the thick of my dream job. this is the coolest feeling ever.

as for our infertility journey, we don’t have any new updates to share as of right now. i’ve been doing a 30-day PCOS challenge with my mom and sisters and if i’m being candid: i feel like i’m failing at it. however, the more i think about it, the more i realize i’m doing a pretty good job. i haven’t followed the meal plan (basically at all) because the food it recommends just looks so unappetizing to me, but we’ve followed the diet restrictions pretty well and i’m pretty proud of myself for that. however, i’d like to eat bread again soon.


christmas (aka my FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR) is coming up quickly and i’ve shared some thoughts on instagram about it. you can read my recent posts here, here, here and here. holidays can be hard, but i’ve made the decision to make a serious effort to enjoy them because, like my friend the grinch says, “there will be no sad faces on christmas!”

we have high hopes for 2019 and know that God is in the details of our lives— helping us and guiding us every day. we are grateful for your love, thoughts and prayers.

hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll have more of an “update” on our journey, but for now, we’ll just enjoy the holiday season.

merry christmas, friends!


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