i'm feelin' 22...

as many of you know, it was my birthday this week.

the big twenty-two.

well, to celebrate this lovely occasion, my cousins and i had a little partaaay.
we made breakfast ka-bobs and ate cake, brownies and ice cream.
and we watched Catching Fire and also What's Up Doc? (because a few of us don't like action movies)

it was a blast. see for yourself:

^^^ ivy at the party ^^^
^^^ cousins! ^^^
^^^ there aren't really words for this beauty. cat looks FANTASTIC though. ev and lyd's faces are hilarious... love them. oh notice the food for the breakfast ka-bobs! ^^^
^^^ my breakfast ka-bob. :) strawberries. sausage. mini pancakes. delish. ^^^

^^^ cute sisters. seriously. this picture is adorable. ^^^
^^^ me and elaine. at our "dance party" nobody else would join in... ^^^
^^^ dannnnnncin. man. why wasn't i on drill team?! oh yeah, because i can't dance... ^^^
^^^ girl cousins. ^^^
^^^ not everyone got the memo that it was a funny picture... ^^^
^^^ funny pic. ^^^
^^^ boy cousins. what studs. ^^^
^^^ insert catherine here. ^^^
^^^ funny picture with the boys. ^^^
^^^ hipster baby. ^^^
^^^ cara and eliza ^^^
^^^ emily and cat. they're twins. but not each others'  twin. make sense? ^^^
^^^ pyro. ^^^
^^^ me and my caaaaaaaaake. better than seminary cake. ^^^
^^^ mary made my cake for me. she's a sweetie. ^^^
^^^ elaine took this picture while they were singing the brighton birthday song. ^^^
i want to give elaine a HUGE shout out for planning this party. it was so fun! and thanks to everyone who came. you're the best ever. i had so much fun and felt so loved!

another shout out to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. thank you so much! you're wonderful! :)

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