I'm gonna learn to mow...

hello family.

Holy cow. It's already been five months out here! I can't even believe it! The last five months have just flown by! I feel like I was getting off the plane to Missouri just yesterday but nope. We're already at five months! So crazy! And this week is crazy busy so it's just going to zoom right on by!
But this week we had some pretty funny things happen, so be excited! So we live in a house, right? Right. Well in Mexico there is this law where your lawn can't get over 8 inches tall or you get a violation. We learned this the hard way. We got a letter a few days ago in the mail that informed us that our lawn was too tall and that it needed to be cut counter-clockwise and the trimmings could NOT go into the street and that it had to be cut in 7 days or we would be taken to the slammer (or get a fine. I've heard it both ways). Okay, cut the grass within seven days, sounds easy enough right? Wrong. We don't have a lawn mower. Or time for that matter.  That's not even the funny part though. So when we got the letter we decided that we were going to "break in" our District Leader-- in other words, we decided to tell a little white lie. hahaha. When he called us that night before Mission Prayer, we told him that Sister Proctor got arrested and that she couldn't get out of jail until a. President Clark came and bailed her out or b. our grass got mowed. bahahahahahahahaha. and the best part? He totally fell for it. hahahahahahah It was probably one of the funniest things ever. And then we told him that we still hadn't gotten our grass mowed and how we could get in big trouble if it didn't get mowed soon. and then the next day a cell tower got taken out or something so we had no service for like three days and they couldn't get a hold of us and he was super worried. hahahahahaha. too funny. But luckily one of our AWESOME members brought his mowers over and cut our grass for us today. We're going to make him a cake because we owe him our lives for helping us!
Then yesterday we were contacting with one of our members and this guy invited us in to meet his wife (she was suuuuuper nice) and he offered us tea, which we politely declined. And then he offered us a beer. To which we also declined. But then a little bit later he just got up and started pouring us some tea and all three of us looked at each other-- mortified, of course. Sister Handley was super nervous and turned to me and whispered, "IS THAT TEA?!"  After he poured the tea he just stuck it right in front of us. Where it stayed for the rest of the visit. Don't worry, we keep the Word of Wisdom here in Mexico. It was super funny. And then he invited us to his Barbeque this weekend and he told us to bring our own beer; I think an explanation of the Word of Wisdom will be happening sometime soon. Good times.
I'm glad to hear that everything is going well back home! It sounds like you've been having a lot of fun already this summer. That video of Rex was super cute. Man, I miss that kid! I hope Marian's baptism went well! We had a little girl in our ward get baptized yesterday, she's a cutie! I hope everyone has had happy birthdays as well! I had a "happy 5th month mark" brownie yesterday. It was deeeeelicious! 
I had a few questions for all ya'll, but I can't remember them. Something along the lines of how was Anthony's wedding? Did you all go? That's so weird that he's married now. Did the Jolleys enjoy Missouri? I'm glad they got to pass by Mexico. It's a great place. However, I don't even think we were in Mexico the day they came through. I think we were in Fulton for District Meeting. I hope they had a good time in Nauvoo though! 
Peace and love, kids. Peace and love. The gospel is true. And I love you all so much! Be good. Stay cool (in two ways) and send me some lettersssssssss! :) please! :)
Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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