inspiration + creativity

for the last few days i’ve been feeling pretty meh about all things creative. i’ve lacked inspiration and motivation to create things. but today i decided to just try to be a little more creative than i was yesterday (which wasn’t hard because i had a migraine yesterday that knocked me out for most of the day) and i feel like i was successful! i worked on these pictures of myself— which doesn’t seem that exciting, but actually, it’s way exciting. that wall was white when i started editing today. so that’s fun.


but i still want to be more creative than just changing the color of a wall. i’ve had a goal to learn to shoot film for a really long time and i feel like now is the time to start trying. i know it’s going to be a rough start, but there is so much room for creativity and exciting images. so i’m stoked about that. there will definitely be a learning curve, but i’m excited to put it to the test and try something new!

in my 6 weeks to a happier infertility journey email course (sign up here! it’s seriously SO good, you won’t regret it!) i talk a lot about the art of distraction. it is so important to keep yourself busy during a waiting phase of life and to do things that you enjoy doing rather than just sitting around and waiting. so my goal is to branch out with photography.

what is something new you could try to keep yourself busy in your waiting phase?

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