INTENTIONAL IN 2018: looking back on 2017

Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot 3-0278.jpg

2018 is ALMOST HERE. i seriously just cannot believe that. 2017 has flown by & we have been so, so blessed. most people do christmas cards & well, i just don't even think about it until we start receiving them in the mail. (okay, that's a lie. i write my parents' christmas card & i just don't ever have the energy to write my own after. so this will just have to do.)

this year we:

  • moved twice [once to another apartment in provo & once to salt lake]
  • got our mackie
  • bought a new (to us) jeep
  • both got new jobs [parker: boostability & sadie: janela bay]
  • started infertility treatments (and then paused them)
  • parker opened little loves shop
  • i participated in 17 weddings this year & worked with 15 different bloggers
  • i went to three different photography conferences/workshops
  • parker grew his hair out & i cut my hair
  • mack learned how to sit on command
  • parker put up christmas lights by himself for the first time
  • we went to nevada a lot
  • we went to san francisco
  • parker went to his first raiders game in oakland

this year has been so good to us. we've had a lot of hard days, but a lot of really great days. & honestly, it feels like 2017 just started. i'm still trying to figure out how christmas is over & we are knocking on the door to 2018 already. we feel so blessed to be where we are at right now & we can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. we've set some pretty lofty goals & are so excited to see them come to fruition (that's one of my new favorite words). i'm a firm believer that the power of positive thinking + hard work + stating your dreams = makes your dreams come true. we will be sharing a few of our goals + the progress made here over the next year so we hope you'll stay tuned.  

p.s. parker's eyes are closed in the second picture, but i had to share it because LOOK AT TINY MACK. he has grown up so, so, so, so, so much!!!

Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot 3-0109.jpg
Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot 2-0156.jpg

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