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Dear Family, Friends, Enemies, and Besties, I'm sorry this is late. Apparently when we get 12 inches of snow in one day at the end of Spring towns almost literally shut down. Who knew? Not this Desert Rat. But I do now! Things are well though. I'm getting better and better at driving in the snow and ice. You'd be so proud of me. I really think that I should get a car for school when I get home because I am a really good driver. bah. let's be real. We walked when it snowed. There was no way I was driving in that. Plus our Zone Leaders called us and told us that we weren't allowed to drive, so I think we should hold off on the car for now.
So remember that one time in fourth grade when I had that really good idea to throw rocks at Austin's neighbor's house? Thinking that nothing would go incredibly wrong and then it did? Well, I had another one of those super great ideas this last week. On Monday actually. 
So Monday was our District P-day. It was super fun! We convinced the Elders to come to Mexico instead of making us drive out to Fulton. And it was a blast! I think I can safely say they loved every minute of it. Including the hour that we spent in the ER. Just previous to the Emergency Room visit comes my great idea. Here's the story: We were playing all sorts of fun games with the things that were left in our apartment (Elders used to live in it so we had all kinds of things: swords, golf clubs, basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, a tennis racket, etc.). We played a whole bunch of games. And were just having this grand ole time. And then I pulled out the golf club and thought, "We could play stick pull with this." Thinking it was a great idea, I voiced my opinion. The Elders jumped right on that idea and we began playing. Well, the cute little putter just couldn't take two 20 year old boys pulling on it so it snapped in two. Did the Elders let this stop them? No way. They decided to use the grip end of the club because it was sturdier. It might have been sturdier, but their hands were still sweaty and slippery. So Elder Duke's hand slipped and the edge that had been the snapping point earlier sliced his finger right off. (bahahaha. just kidding. but it did slice his finger pretty bad) It was super nasty. I can still hear it. So he hurried to the bathroom and I hurried to grab some band-aids. Well, it required more than a band-aid. It was cut really deep so we headed off to the ER. An hour, a $600 bill, and six stitches later we walked out of the ER happy campers... I'm sure Elder Duke's parents aren't as happy, but we were pretty happy. After all, we got to go out in public in our non-pros! And then we went and got ice cream from Dairy Queen. It doesn't get much better than that. 
Tuesday we had a pretty normal day. We started teaching this guy named Drew. He's super cool. He gave me a March Madness bracket because we had talked about it on Sunday. I noticed that BYU isn't on there... what's up with that?!
Then Wednesday we asked if we could get scooters to save miles and to be more modest. Our Zone Leaders laughed at us. rude. But they said we could get them! So on Thursday we went to Wal-Mart before District Meeting and bought scooters. It was probably one of the best investments I've made on my mission. I love my scooter. It's name is Schroeder. He's red. And super cool. And we scootered from our house to the Relief Society activity. Too cool. It was awesome.
Friday we went to Centralia and had a few awesome lessons. I just love the people here. They are so different from anyone I've ever known. And they smoke a lot, but they are so great. I just love them. Friday was quite the roller coaster day though. I had really high highs and really low lows. But I know that the Lord had prepared me for the situations I was placed in. And I'm amazed at the growth that I have made in the last few years and how much I was being prepared for my mission even though I didn't know that I would be able to serve now. But He knew. And it is great. I am truly grateful for His knowledge and plan for my life.
Saturday we got to go to the temple!! It was so great to go! The St. Louis Temple is beautiful! And I'm so glad I have the privilege of going to the temple once a transfer if we can fit it in. But I've decided that the temple trip will be one of the first things I schedule in because I need to go to the temple more! I love that place! If you haven't gone in a while-- GO!! If you're not worthy to go-- GET WORTHY! It's not worth it to not be worthy of the blessings of the temple! The Lord loves you and wants you to be worthy of the blessings of the temple! Don't be afraid to repent! And lastly, if you haven't gone through yet but you are old enough-- GO THROUGH! It is so amazing. Prepare yourself for the temple because the blessings and things you learn in the temple are wonderful!  On Saturday we also had our Church Tour. And it went perfectly. Only two people came. But it was exactly what that investigator needed. And Sister Linton and I both felt that the Church Tour was a success. We told the members (that helped) at the beginning that even if only one person came and felt the Spirit, then it was a success. And it totally was. The members felt successful and we felt successful. And if it weren't for the blasted snow (opposition in all things) the investigator would have been at church. But it was super great. 
Sunday-- Church was cancelled. And so Larry wasn't able to be confirmed. yet again. Satan is truly a jerk. But there is a plan and Heavenly Father knows that plan and we just have to trust in Him that all things are for our good. But Sunday was really good. Sister Linton and I watched our training videos. And guess who's not a greenie anymore because she's finished her training? That's right. This Sister. huzzah! It's kind of crazy. And transfer calls are next week. Holy smokes. Where does the time go. I've almost been out three months! Crazy, crazy. 
Monday-- I totally cut Sister Linton's hair. Watch out world. I'm practically professional. Edward Scissorhands has nothing on me! bah. actually I was SUUUUUPER nervous the entire time. And then we played a prank on our District Leader and the joke ended up being on me because I wasn't exactly sure if Sister Linton was being serious or not... She texted him and told him that I had cut her hair and it looked awful and she didn't know what to say. We like putting the Elders in our District in awkward situations. (Not too awkward, but awkward enough. As McCabe would say, "Thrive off awkward." Well, we try.) But it ended up good. We felt awful for playing so many pranks on them, but all is well. All is well.
Mom, I LOVED that analogy for the Atonement. It was super awesome! I think I might use it tonight for our Dinner Appointment. It could be really good.  Dad, I'm glad you're getting things all planted. I'm glad the weather is nice out there. Super jealous. But glad. Addie, Scott, Shaye, Parley, Ciara, Clancy: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! How 'bout some letters? (mostly just Parley, Ciara, Shaye, and Clancy... Addie and Scott are really good at writing. Ya'll should take a page out of their book, yeah? yeah.)
I love you all so much! I hope to hear good things from you next week! As Sister Keller would say, "I think you're wonderful... and by the way, I've been meaning to say, 'I think you're wonderful too!'"
Have a very happy Easter! Be good. The Savior lives. That's the whole reason for Easter. He is the Reason for the Season. Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. Tell Ehrin that sometimes Elders are cute. but lock your heart! It's worth it! Plus guy friends are waaaaaaaaaay cooler anyway. (I laughed out loud at that part of the email. hahahahahahaha) 

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