it’s okay to wait

i have a really hard time with patience. i just can’t seem to get a handle on the whole “waiting for things” idea. i’ve always been the kind of person that if i’m going to do something, i don’t see a point in waiting for it. i just jump in with two feet & somehow, things will work out the way they are supposed to. i’ve never really had a hard time with the fact that God has a plan for each of us; just the timing thing. that’s always been a hard one for me. 


recently, parker & i were chatting with some friends about buying apartments & houses. parker & i talk about this topic a lot, but currently, we are just not in the situation to buy anything. we would both LOVE to buy something but logically, it would not be a smart financial decision. 

but i want to buy a house soooooooo badly. i’ve wanted to buy a house for the past five years. (even before i was married i wanted to buy a small house or an apartment. things just haven’t worked out yet) i cannot WAIT for the day that we close on our own space. i dream about it daily. 

one night i was feeling particularly home sick for our own place & this small thought came into my mind: it’s okay to wait. 

i had to stop what i was doing & write it down immediately because it is so applicable to every aspect of my life right now. we are in a waiting phase of life. i don’t know how long this phase may be, but currently, the answer is not right now & that’s okay. it’s okay to wait. 


i know that if you’ve been in a waiting phase for a long time you’ve probably heard this over & over again, but God DOES have a plan for you. His timing, although weird (to us) at times, is perfect. He gives us opportunities to grow & prepare (aka waiting phases). He gives us opportunities to flourish & use the knowledge that we gained in our waiting phases (an acting phase). 

HOWEVER, if you’re in a waiting phase there is something that you have to be aware of. just because God has asked you to wait DOES NOT mean that He is asking you to sit on your hands & do nothing. the waiting phase is a time for preparation & a time for learning. the waiting phase is a time to learn more about YOURSELF. the waiting phase is actually a time of ACTION. get out there & do things that make you happy. figure out what your hobbies are. cross things off your bucket list. just because you’re waiting for something big, doesn’t mean that you’re left in the dust. your time will come. 


if you’re in a waiting phase, waiting for whatever comes next in life: college, marriage, a baby, a house, a mission, moving out, etc. just remember this one thing: it’s okay to wait. 


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