January 14, 2014 snow. shovels. and investigators.

Dearest Family,
Good news, I survived the cold. And actually, it's not too bad anymore. All you need is a light jacket! We had a rough start of the week though, due to the snow. Let me just say, that stuff is annoying. But I've become a PROFESSIONAL snow driver. (knock on some wood. quick.) I got stuck in the snow at a Less Active's house. That definitely started the conversation on a light note. "Umm.. Hi, we have an appointment with your family in about an hour, but actually, our car is stuck... Could you help us?" Yeah... just like that. hahaha. oh dear. Service softens hearts, right? Right! Their family is actually a part-member family and we are teaching their cute little 9 year old son now! Boo yah.
We had a really great finding week. We tried to contact all of the former investigators we could and we were able to set up quite a few appointments and teach a few of them right there! It was really awesome! We're hoping to be able to bring these people closer to Christ! (fingers definitely crossed!) So if you'll just pray that these wonderful families feel the Spirit while we're teaching them, that would be fantastic! I hope that we can have the Spirit while we're teaching them!
However, here in Sandy Creek, we don't believe in routine. At all. We haven't had a "normal week" since we got here. And it will continue to be as such for the rest of the transfer... awesome. hahah. We have President Interviews this Wednesday and I. AM. STOKED. I love President Interviews with most all of my heart. But it's going to be pretty hectic that day because we have interviews at 3 and then appointments at 5, 6, and 7:30/8ish... Dah. I hope that everything goes through and that we won't have to cancel or that if we do we'll be able to meet with everyone on a later date. We're praying!
Oh. I almost forgot. I had theeeeeeeeeee best day EVER on Thursday. So Sister McCoy and I have been SEARCHING for snow shovels because we don't have any. And we FINALLY found some on Thursday. And I was STOKED. (Seriously, it might have been a little over-board on how excited I was, but I couldn't even help it!) And so we came home and did a TON of service. And I was SO incredibly happy. I just wanted to shovel all day and all night long. But we had to stop at9:00.. So we did. But I gained this huge love of work randomly. hahah. And now I have a shovel. His name is Sheldon. He lives in our coat closet. Sister McCoy has one too, but hers doesn't have a name. Sad day.
Anyway, this is getting long and I'm just ranting, mostly. The week was good. The work is true. And God loves YOU! and I love you too!! :)
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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