just not meant to be...

I'm sorry!! I know. I know. I'm late again. BUT we'll get two today!! YAY!

Hello Familia.

This week has been incredibly long, wonderful, short, hard, fantastic, hot, cold, and everything in between.
The week started off great with a trip to Columbia to have Zone P-day! It was way fun! We went to the Mizzou campus and played Volleyball in their beach volleyball courts. The sand was really hot on our feet but we played anyway.  Then Tuesday we had Sister's Conference! That was so much fun! We went to St. Louis (well, Frontenac) for the day and just had trainings and lunch and we watched Mormon Messages (if you haven't seen the one called Courage, watch it now. It is SO good! It's probably my new favorite. Here, I'll just make it easy for you: Then on our way back to Mexico, we got a call from the Sister Training Leaders for Sister Handley. They told her that her visa was in and that she needed to be at the Mission Office on Monday (today) at noon! And to pack her bags because she was going to Denmark! So we had to change up our week a little bit so that she could get everything else on her list that she needed for Denmark and get all packed. But that's beside the point. So we found out that she was going to be leaving. :( it was really sad.  Wednesday: We had a normal day. Nothing too huge to report on, that I can remember so we're good. Thursday: We had District Meeting. It was fantastic. And then we had Weekly Planning. And the District Leader and his companion came and blessed our house for us because we're supposed to do that. So that happened. Then Thursday night the Sister Training Leaders came for exchanges for Friday. Friday: We were on exchanges and it was awesome. I spent the day with Sister Johnson. She's from Colorado... Denver, I believe. I don't remember though. She's super cool though and I learned a lot from her. And now we have an investigator who is a preacher's wife, so we'll see how that all goes. hahaha. It'll be good. They have the cutest daughters.  Saturday: hmmm... Saturday... I don't remember what happened. Something. Oh. We almost killed the ward member who mowed our grass. We thought it would be a great idea to bake him a cake and write him a note... little did we know, he's diabetic.... bummer. it's the thought that counts, right?  Sunday: We went to church. It was Ward Conference. That was fun.  Monday: It's only 11:00 and it feels like it's almost 5:00. We have already been to St. Louis and back and our laundry is done (because Sister Handley had to do all of her laundry before she packed it because she's allergic to Missouri.) and we already did our shopping too. It's gonna be a lonnnnnnng day, I think. But a good day.
I did get your package, Mom! THANK YOU! It was the best ever! I wrote you a hand written letter about the details though! I'm glad I finally heard from Parley. With his new iPhone he can just email me from those oil rigs. I'm glad to hear that he's not dead though because I hadn't heard from him in a while. I'm so happy that Emma's [potential] birth father's heart has been softened a little bit! Prayers are totally answered and I will definitely continue to pray for that little baby! She needs some Leav-Condie-itt love. I can't believe that Cici and Gabby are leaving for their missions!! They will be such amazing missionaries! And Cici is hilarious! She's going to be such a great missionary! You all never answered my question though, how many missionaries does the Bunkerville 1st Ward have out right now? We have like 10 sisters, it seems! 
Well, transfer calls are this Saturday. We'll see if I'm staying or leaving. Sister Proctor pretty much has my bags packed, but I think that because the Lord has a sense of humor (sometimes I think it's a pretty sarcastic sense of humor...) he's going to keep me here and send Sister Proctor out into the big world... We'll see though. Training calls are this Tuesday... so much unknown. All in two little phone calls. 
I love you all so much. The gospel is so true! I hope Parley had a happy, happy, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY birthday! I sang him happy birthday Saturday morning! I love you! Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt
I hope you enjoy all of the pictures I am sending you via email! I love you!

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