labor day weekend.

this weekend was a TON of fun! my family came up to see Les Mis on Saturday night. we had dinner at Costa Vida and then went to the greenshow and then to Les Mis! it was sooooo good. as per usual.

then Shaye and I had to work Sunday morning. boooooooooooo. boo to the queen of filth. but after work we went home!!! yay!

and then Monday happened. Monday was wonderful. my family went to the lake. and for the first time in a while, I actually wanted to try new things. I tried the slalom and got up on my third try! but my dad didn't send me that picture, so maybe i'll show all ya'll another time. but here are some pictures from that glorious day. for better explanations, go here.

look at that air. hahaha. we really like action shots in our family...


it was definitely a good weekend. i sure do love my family.

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