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I'm so sorry!! Last week was crazy here in Bunkerville so I kind of slacked on my job of getting Sadie's letter up on her blog.... but here it is!! Only a week late. :)

Dear Family,
I have lots of news today. So.... We got trainer calls on Tuesday and guess who's training again? Yeah, this kid.... I'm still feeling kind of "eh" about it, but that's mostly just because I'm slightly nervous. Training stresses me out. And on top of that, I'm getting transferred. again. hahaha. I just can't stay in one place. I'm going to Jacksonville!!!! (Par, we can both say we've served in Jacksonville!!) However, the Jacksonville that I'm going to is in Illinois. I'm pretty excited about it. One of the Assistants served there for 6 months so he was telling me all about it. And they haven't had sisters in over a year, so me and the new kid will get to be the first sisters there in a while. I'm pretty excited. But they are white washing Cape with Elders, so that'll be interesting. And the elders will have a new missionary too. Annnnd the trainer is coming from Jacksonville, so we're just switching places. pretty neat.
This week was pretty awesome though! Sister Furch and I helped these people clean their house and boy was it messy. It took us two and a half days to clean their kitchen. It was insane. But they were the nicest people ever and now they are much more willing to have the missionaries over. So we planted a huge seed that the elders will hopefully be able to cultivate a little more. The people, Sue and Joe, were seriously so nice though. They fed us dinner every night that we helped them and they were so, so, so, so grateful. They even called President Morgan and told him that we were great. hahaha. So that was pretty neat.
On Friday we went to St. Louis because Sister Furch had a doctor's appointment and an interview with President. I waited in the waiting room of the doctor's office for about an hour and a half... give or take a few minutes. And then we went to the Office for her interview and I got to hang out with the Assistants and the Office Elders and the Batchelors. It was way fun. We just talked and such. They are some funny kids, those office people. And then we got to go to dinner with them. We went to Panda Express. :) I was so happy. It was the best dinner ever. I have really missed Panda. And then we went and visited a member from Sister Furch's last area. And then we drove home. It was a good time.
Yeah, that's basically it. I can't really remember anything these days. We do so much and it's hard to remember.
I'm glad Dad is getting to come home soon. And Addie gets to go to Belgium soon! So jealous. That's so cool. Oh, Happy Anniversary, three days ago!! :) I'm sending like three packages home today. I don't know how I accumulated so much stuff in the last six weeks, but I just have zero room for anything. I feel like my suitcases are shrinking. Oh! OH! I got the Book of Mormon from Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt----- SO COOL! I love it! :) 
Oh and Mom, just wait to send the scriptures. I would prefer the newer version. :) And I don't want a quad. I don't know if I've stressed that enough or too much, but I'm serious. I don't want a quad. I don't like those guys. I love having a triple and a bible. :)
Okay, I love you all. I'm glad you are all doing so well. I'll talk to you next week! Be safe! I love you! The Church is so true and you are all the best! Thank you for the pictures!! :)
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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