lds bloggers instagram take overs

LDS Bloggers Instagram Take Overs


if you're reading this, you're interested in doing an LDS bloggers take over! we get requests to do take overs daily and we are so excited about that! we love being able to help bloggers reach bigger audiences and grow! we will be changing the way we do things in 2018 & this is the easiest way to share the changes! we are trying to brand ourselves a bit more & create an aesthetic for our Instagram feed. We want those that come to our feed to feel like our feed is a place where they can follow along, meet new friends, & feel of God’s love for them as well as the love of those they come in contact with on social media!

we have a few rules for our take overs to help keep things organized.
1. if you have already done a take over, please do not sign up within SIX months of your previous take over. we want to be sure to give everyone an opportunity to take over & share their blog!
2. during your take over, please do not read DMs that are not responses to your stories. if you open a DM that isn't a response to one of your stories, please send a DM to @sadiebanksphotography so i can answer the question or respond accordingly.
3. please stick to the posting schedule. (you can see this below!)
4. as much as we love giveaways, please do not post giveaways on our account unless you have been given permission to post a giveaway! (please do not post giveaways you are holding on your personal account.)
5. if you need inspiration for posts, check out our pinterest board! The aesthetic we have chosen to use is light & airy. The color palette we have chosen to follow is neutrals + pastels. You can see our inspiration here:
6. Please do not post that it is an Instagram Take-Over every day. You are more than welcome to credit yourself in the caption and if you choose to do so, please credit at the END of each post.
7. if you choose to repost a photo from another account, please do not use the Repost App (just screenshot & crop) and be sure to CREDIT the original account!
8. after your week is over, please do not give the login information to the next person. we will give them the information they need. if you've tried to get in & are having trouble, please email OR DM @sadiebanksphotography!
9. Please remember that we are an LDS community! Our goal is to inspire & uplift whoever comes in contact with our feed! We want you to enjoy your Take-Over week, but we also want to stretch you & invite you to share your testimony as well as your blog or instagram page. 

LDS Bloggers Instagram Take Overs

During your Take-Over week, we have a posting schedule that we would love you to follow:
Day 1 (monday): introduction post - who are you, where are you located, what do you blog about? (all the fun stuff)
Day 2 (tuesday): Tip Tuesday - This can be a tip of any kind! Teach us something you’ve learned over the years!
Day 3 (wednesday): Mutual - Engage the Audience/Readers (extend an invitation to: answer a question, tag a friend, share where they’re from, give advice, share a scripture, etc.)
Day 4 (thursday): home making - show us a room in your home or share a recipe!
Day 5: (friday): Follow Friday - 4 other LDS Bloggers/Creatives
Day 6 (saturday): A Blog Post From Your Blog
Day 7 (sunday): Inspirational Quote/Temple picture

if you want to sign up for a take over, go here. the day of your take over, you will receive an email with the login information.

we can't wait to have you sign up to take over our account! 

join our pinterest group board here:

LDS Bloggers Instagram Take Over

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