Let the games begin! (February 24, 2014)

Hello My Dears!
This week has been really great! It's been pretty eventful... to say the least! We've seen a LOT of miracles and been able to have some really great success! So we're pretty happy! And we're seeing SO much progression in our ward-- it's truly amazing! I am just loving it!

This week started off with Zone P-day. We went Roller Skating! It was pretty cool. But I think I talked about that last time because we emailed on Tuesday. So no need to continue there. Tuesday, we spent the day in Hillsboro! And it was really great! We were able to have two lessons and it was just a blast! They went really well! I think my favorite thing as a missionary is just being able to see progression. Whether it is the ward, my companion, my investigators, or myself. I love being able to see how far people have come. This week we saw a lot of progression in one of our investigators. When we first began teaching him, he refused to let us talk about the Book of Mormon or anything to do with our religion, because he wanted to "just talk about Christ." Which seems silly to you and me, because that is EVERYTHING to do with our religion! But come to find out, he had heard quite a bit of unfavorable things about the Church and our dear religion, so we were able to straighten some things out for him-- but he still wouldn't even think about reading the Book of Mormon. But this week after Sister McCoy and I testified of the divinity of the Book of Mormon in our lesson, he promised he would read the chapter we had selected for him! And that he would pray and ask Heavenly Father if he should read the Book of Mormon! It was such an amazing experience. I think both Sister McCoy and I felt like we were on top of the world after that lesson because we have been teaching him for almost two months! But each lesson we've had with him, he's progressed just a little bit more! So that has been REALLY exciting! On Wednesday we spent some time with a recently returned sister missionary-- the thought that I'm getting closer and closer to her situation scares me quite a bit. It's terrifying. I think I'd rather just stay in my missionary bubble. Because that would be waaaaaaaaaay easier. But all good things must come to an end, so yeah... But she's really cool! She just got back from Norway! She reported in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and did such a great job! She spoke on the importance of members in missionary work. It was really great! Which brings me to the subject of this email! This week is MISSIONARY WEEK here! We decided to have missionary week (like we did in Seminary) here to get the youth and ward excited to do missionary work! And it has had such a positive response! We brought the wards in our District into it to make the stakes a little higher and even though it's only been a day, it's been so fun! Our original plan was to make it just for the youth, but when we presented it to the Ward Council, they all jumped in and so it expanded to the whole ward! And so now the 1st Counselor of the Bishopric and I have this huge rivalry going. He thinks he can beat me. Pshhhhh. hahahaha. But really, I'm going to have to work suuuuuuper hard to beat him. hahahaha. We tailored it to members, so we can't get as many points as missionaries! :/ but I shall win! :) Anyway! I hope that you are all well! It sounds like you are! I love you so much and I think you are wonderful! The gospel is SO true! The Book of Mormon is amazing! It's my favorite book and it truly brings people closer to Christ! If you haven't read it, you should! If you don't know where to get a copy-- There's a fancy link. Just click on it. (Be aware, missionaries will bring it by. And then, let them in and listen to them. The message they have will change your life! I promise!) I love you!  Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt Picture 1: trying balot. don't look it up. you'll cry your eyes out. I couldn't eat it all. I took one bite and was done. Picture 2: I got the car stuck in the mud. :( But that's a fantastic way to meet AND get lessons with Less- Actives. We are 3 for 3 in that! :)

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