let's make it four for Mexico...

Dearest Family,
So here's the low down. I'm not getting transferred this transfer. I'll be in Mexico for another four weeks. Yes, four. Because we're getting a new mission president, our transfer cycle is a little messed up at the moment. So we're going to have a four week transfer and then an eight week transfer. So I'll be spending the next four weeks in Mexico! Buuuuuuut I still get to go to transfer meeting because we're expecting a sister once again! New missionary number 3 for me! But she's actually not staying in our mission! She's waiting on her visa and is supposed to be going to Holland! So we'll see how long she stays! I'm going to bank on two weeks because the last two transfers I've had to go to St. Louis after the first week and the third week, so it's going to be in the middle. I just know it. hahahaha. 
This week was pretty normal. I don't have any crazy stories or anything, that I can think of at least. We're just trudging along. Doing work. Umm... yeah, sorry. This is such a Parley email. 
I hope you are all well! Happy birthday to the following: DAD AND RACHEL!!! EOIN! AND CLANK AND MARIAN!! I hope you all have swell days! Holy smokes, Dad. You're getting up there. the big 5-0. sheesh. you old man, you. It's okay. We all get older.... some of us faster than others though. bahahahaha. just kiddin. I love you Daddio. I hope you have a fantastic week! 
I hope I get to hear about a cute little baby named Lillian Sadilade (I figure that we could just throw an S on there and call it good... that way everyone wins) soon! 
It looks like the Clankster had a good time at Reverse. He's a goob, that kid. goodness. Love him. 
Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. Just know that I love you all so much! The Church is true! The gospel has been restored and Thomas S. Monson IS the living prophet on the earth today! Like Daniel (Elder Gleave... whatever.) said: God is great. The word is good. And people are crazy!  Peace and love. Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. How many missionaries does our ward have out right now? Because the number that I have counted shows that we're a champion ward when it comes to missionaries... But I think that I don't have everyone... So in all, we're still champions, but I just want to know who is out and such! 
P.P.S. (I guess I wasn't done...) I read two chapters of El Libro de Mormon this morning. I'm practically fluent. 

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