life lately.

hey. yo. hello. sup dawg?

holy. it's been a long time since i've posted about me. (i guess that's a good thing, right? i have more to talk about than myself... that's pretty good, i'm pretty sure of it.)

well, here's a little update on me.

- i have a job. a real job. i work 8-5. three days a week. i work at a physical therapy clinic and it's pretty rad. i enjoy it.
- i am taking online classes. they take up a LOT of my time. and when i say a LOT of my time, i really mean i am thinking about them almost constantly because i ALWAYS have homework. but it's okay. it's good stress. and in two and a half years, i should (fingers crossed) be done with school and i won't have to worry about that anymore! also (mumbling voice: imayhaveaprocrastinationproblem)
- i am going to hawaii in FIFTY DAYS. ahhhhhhhhhh! i am SO DANG EXCITED! i mean really, the semester will be over AND i get to hang out with my best friend in hawaii for two weeks. really, it doesn't get any better than that.

currently i really like life. like really like life. here are some pictures to prove it.

worlds best babysitter?
this is my cousin. she let me take pictures of her for my photography class/to practice for the photo shoot i have this upcoming week. be stoked for that because i sure am! woop woop!

some of my favorite people. at one of my most favorite places.
pause. i am SO grateful for this group of girls (plus some that were missing that day). i am so grateful i have friends that can and will go to the temple with me. i'm so grateful for their encouragement and friendship. oh, did i mention that they're single? hahahaha. (well except holly {in the middle} she's engaged and off limits.)

hawaii isn't too far for FaceTime.

guys, i really like life. i know i said that before, but i really do. sometimes i'm really dramatic and talk about how hard this period of time is. it's stressful, yes. but i really like the way things are going for me right now. if i could share all of the happy things in my life, i would. but there's a lot of them. and some of them are just for me right now. maybe i'll share later. maybe.

also. these are the songs that i listen to on repeatrepeatrepeatrepeat. on the daily. - tswift mash-up. this song has over 18,000,000 views. i'm pretty sure i'm at LEAST 17,000,000 of them... - i've missed you. acoustic and not acoustic (also, joshua radin's video for this song is basically my favorite) - on my own.  - this year's theme song. aka 22.
- love is an open door. me and my buddy rexy sing it together. "sadie you be the girl. i be the boy."
- she is. (still my jam. after all these years)

annnnd to end: my blog has kind of started to take off a little bit. i am soooo grateful for all of the wonderful people who read my blog. seriously, you don't even know how stoked i get every time i see someone comment on a post, share something, or even just like my posts. do these things define who i am? no, but it excites me and gives me a little extra confidence! :) so thanks!

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