life update.

hi. it's been a while since i've blogged about, well, anything other than talk of the week posts or photography. 

so sorry. 
life has been a whirlwind of photography, school (for parker), more photography, major life decisions (that remain undecided), and more photography. 

i started working for bell photography in august, so i get to do school pictures during the day time and then about two times a week i have my own photoshoots in the evenings. i've been working pretty hard to try and be able to do my own photography a bit more and i've been pretty successful. i have no complaints here! 

parker has still been working for frontier secure (a call center; he works in a capital one call center) but he also went back to school full-time this fall. it's been an interesting change for us, but we are taking it a day at a time. we both feel pretty strongly that school is the worst (not necessarily the worst for you, we just don't like going....) he's super not into his HR class, but his entrepreneurship class has been an interesting one for sure. 

we've been working on a few different business ideas. both of us are pretty into entrepreneurship; we really like the idea of being able to own our own businesses. of course, we are still working on a few things and figuring things out. for an assignment in parker's entrepreneurship class, he had to start a business with a dollar (or less) and then see how much real money he could make. i have been wanting to open a print shop for a while but never really had enough drive to actually open it. but then parker got that assignment and we decided to go for it. it's been an interesting ride, but we've learned a lot in the last few weeks. we hope to be able to make some changes and be able to be successful with that. and then since then we've had a few more ideas and are excited to give a few other things a go. 

in the past few months, i've had the opportunity to work with a few different businesses and bloggers for photography (see, more photography. it's literally all i do these days and i'm definitely not complaining!) i posted about the collabor8 app on my photography blog because i love it, but i was able to work with quite a few different people because of that. but i also had the opportunity to collaborate with Jam Tart Boutique, a boutique owner & blogger i met through the @ldsbloggers instagram account! she was so kind and sent me these two adorable necklaces from her etsy shop

i feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to work with and "meet" such wonderful and creative people! i've been stretched and i've grown so much as a photographer and person over the last year and i can't wait to see what the future has in store for me. 

we've also got a few exciting things coming up in the next few months. 
for example: 
- our birthdays! parker's birthday is october 14 and my birthday is november 13, so we've turned fall into "our birthday season." it's basically the best thing ever because who doesn't want to celebrate their birthday for more than a day???

- CLANCY GETS HOME IN OCTOBER! i am so excited for this! i can't wait for parker and clancy to meet! clancy actually gets to meet quite a few people when he gets home; parker, cora, #sweetgirl, hadlie, emrie, and #aminagirl (aka all of our nieces! he has technically "met" #sweetgirl, but she was only 1 month old when he left and now she's the spunkiest two year old you'll ever meet) 

- fall mini family sessions! believe it or not, i am actually really excited for these! it's definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but there's no growth in the comfort zone, right?? 

- THANKSGIVING. aka PIE NIGHT. this is seriously my most favorite tradition the leavitt family has ever concocted. but this year, i convinced parker's family to adopt this tradition. so i'm really excited to be able to share a bit of home with his family. 

- CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS. i am definitely one of those people who just waits and waits for november to hit so that christmas season can officially begin. i secretly have been listening to my christmas cd in my car for the last week... 

- we are going to NEW YORK in december and i could not be more excited! the last time i went to new york was 15 years ago (in august) so i am definitely ready to go back to the city that i just adored as a nine year old! oh, and did i mention we will be there for NEW YEAR'S EVE?!?! i cannot hardly wait. 

so far, 2016 has been one rockin year. i hope *fingers crossed* that i'll get better at blogging & updating. plus, just look at all of those exciting things that are happening! it's too much goodness to just not share. 

more from the jam tart boutique shoot:
curved gold bar necklace

gold circle pendant

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