sooooo maybe i've been a little m.i.a. lately in the blogging world. it's not because i haven't had anything to write about. (i have at least four blog posts all typed up on my ipad ready to go...)

but because i just haven't been feelin it. i love blogging, but for the past six months or so, i've felt stressed and pressured to blog. not by any of my readers, but just in a personal way. if you've been following along, you know that parker and i have been trying to start a few little side businesses + go on all of our normal adventures + go to school + work + do all the things that go along with our church + be present with our families & our little family + exercising & eating healthy + budgeting & saving up for our future... exhausted yet??

yeah. me too.
so i stopped blogging for a little while.

i put too much on my plate and got overwhelmed (and frankly, a little burned out) really quickly! i set aside my ACTUAL goals to try to make a hobby a job and it turned my hobby... well, into a job. and i didn't like it anymore. i was being contacted by brands that i didn't care for and not hearing from (or getting a no) from brands that i DID want to work with and so i began to be discouraged. i kept reading articles and books on how to be a better blogger and i felt like i was in english class or art class again-- if the teacher didn't like what i did, then what i did was wrong-- or at least i felt that way.

like i said earlier, i put aside my actual goals for a hobby turned job and just wasn't feelin it anymore. so i took a few steps back and tried to prioritize my life again.

hence all of the photography posts.
i have wanted to be a wedding photographer for a lonnnnnng time. i love love. i love talking to recently engaged girls about their wedding plans; not because that's the only thing i can think of to talk about, but because i LOVE hearing about weddings. i love all of the details. the dress. the hair. the flowers. i love it all.

i'm going to try to do my very best to not shove the idea of "PICK ME TO BE YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER" down your throat because that's just not my game. i would be more than honored (and have been) to be peoples' wedding photographer, but i just don't want to sell myself or be the girl that ONLY talks about her business. so i'm not going to be that girl. like i've said before, i've been reading books, watching tutorials, reading articles, & learning as much about how to be a better business woman. AND i've learned a few different things that i hope to implement in my blog, instagram, facebook, & life in general.

on my blog i will definitely try to keep up with the Talk of the Week & personal posts, but the majority of my blog is going to be devoted to photography & trying to develop my talents.

here are a few photos from the last few sessions i've been able to set up & have. 

if you've been reading my blog, chances are, you've been reading my blog from the start and you are a saint. bless you. and thaaaaaank you for your undying support throughout my life & i hope you will continue to support me with my photography endeavors. (hugs all around)

i always, always, ALWAYS appreciate likes, comments & shares! so don't forget that! ;)

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