mack; my best friend

the last 48 hours legitimately have not felt real. i’ve never had a broken heart like this before. i honestly didn’t realize how big of a role mack played in our family until we drove out of bunkerville without him. the drive home was filled with silence, tears or memories of our sweet puppy boy.


mack changed our lives. he came into our lives at one of the lowest points of both of our lives. i was desperate for something to nurture & care for. parker needed companionship that i just couldn’t give him.

mackie’s spunky personality made us laugh every single day. he was brave & confident— unless he was up against a bigger dog or a cardboard box. he was so, so smart & learned all of his tricks in one day or less. mack was the most social pup at the dog park. he would run from pack to pack & human to human just to find anyone who would give him the tiniest bit of attention. he loved playing outside & when we would just let him be, he would zoom around the yard as fast as he could.

our doodle poodle (as he was lovingly called at home) taught us so much about unconditional love. every day as we came home from work he would be waiting, tail-wagging, at the bottom of the stairs. when we would cross over the baby gate to greet our sweet mack, he would jump up and down as high as he could until we scooped him up & gave him a big hug. at night he would snuggle us just long enough for us to fall asleep & then he would walk down to the foot of the bed to get his rest for the night. he also thoroughly enjoyed waking us up every morning by stepping on our heads. (just as unpleasant as it sounds) but he was always so happy in the morning. ready for a new day of adventure with a little bit of mischief.

mackie taught me more about love & forgiveness than i have words for. i will miss his sweet smile & curious head tilt. i honestly look forward to our reunion in heaven & can’t decide who will be more excited— me or the doodle poodle. but either way, it will be the best reunion & i cannot wait. i love you forever, sweetest mackie boy.

i honestly didn’t know how much mackie filled me up until he was gone. i didn’t know the purpose he gave me. i didn’t understand how much i would miss his love. i didn’t realize that he truly was one of my very best friends.


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