hi, i'm sadie.

photo by: Debby Leavitt Photography
bouquet by: Nannette York Floral & Decor
this is my blog. obviously. i started blogging back in 2011 after i graduated from high school. and it turns out, i really like blogging. it's an outlet for me. so here i am, almost five years later, still blogging.

a few fun facts about me.

1. i married my best friend in the salt lake city temple on january 15, 2016.

2. i love, love, love photography.

3. i am currently a student at UVU, and i am learning to talk with my hands.

4. i served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Missouri St. Louis Mission (MSLM).

5. i have 7 fake teeth due to poor life choices after my freshman year of high school.

6. my cute husband once told me that i should work for laffy taffy because my jokes are lame. here, you be the judge:
Q: what happens when you don't pay your exorcist?
A: you get repossessed.

7. i've taken lessons of all kinds like, piano, guitar, tennis, and ice skating, but i'm still pretty mediocre at all of those things.

8. i have this weird thing about calendars. i have like 50 of them. okay, just four. five if you count my phone calendar-- but i stink at using that one...

9. vacuuming is my favorite chore. i think it's relaxing.

10. ugly sweaters and animal shirts often make appearances in my daily wardrobe.

in a nutshell, that's me. thanks a billion for visiting my blog! stay a while. look around. leave a comment or two if you like that sort of thing. and come back real soon!

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