me and my home girl Kim

Kim and I would just like to let the world know about us. After all, we are pretty darn fantastic. Oh, and humble too!

20 Fun Facts
  1. we're photography majors!
  2. we love footie pajamas
  3. sometimes we crank dat souljia boi
  4. we enjoy watching cat videos
  5. we wear ugly sweaters to school every Wednesday
  6. we may or may not have eaten more than 3 gallons of sherbet this semester
  7. mail day is our favorite
  8. we are roommates!
  9. we sometimes go to the gym in the mornings
  10. we are NOT hipsters
  11. we like to eat ice
  12. we like to creep it
  13. we thrive off of awkward [most of the time]
  14. we are short
  15. we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  16. we sometimes bet quarters
  17. we don't play games we can't win
  18. we make a mean Top Ramen
  19. we love to shop at the D.I.
  20. we both get mesmerized by snow, but we still aren't sure why Idaho exists

I'm way lucky to be roommates with Kim. She's the coolest! She has taught me so much this semester and I am really going to miss her once she moves out next semester. Everyone should be jealous because I have the best roommate ever.

That's us. We're pretty rad. 

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