melting like a popsicle on the forf of july...

Sorry... I missed last week.This is from July 8, 2013.
Dear Family, I'm glad to hear that you all had an awesome Fourth of July. We did too. I'll tell you what though, nobody does the Fourth of July like Bunkerville. So it most definitely was not the same, but it was still good. Our ward had a breakfast and we had a few investigators come, so that was great! Then we had to do some proselyting for a little while before we went to our Meet the President. 
Here are the things I learned from the Meet the President:
- My mission president's name is President Morgan. His wife's name is Sister Morgan (or Katie. He's still working on calling her Sister Morgan-- He'll get there.) His daughter's name is Anna. She has red hair. And she is going to be a senior. - They are from Utah. I think Salt Lake. - He worked for an asphalt company. I'm pretty sure he was like the CEO or some form of serious upper management.  - He likes to ski.  - He has gray hair.  - He's about Dad's age, I would say. - He's a pretty friendly guy.  - He's kind of strict, but that'll be good for us. We can always be a little bit more obedient.
And yeah, I didn't get any pictures. Sorry. I was really distracted that day. I had to play the piano and I was REALLY nervous. It was like recitals all over again. My hands and legs were shaking and I was just so mad at my Zone Leader for volunteering me to play. He just threw me right under the bus. So I threw him under the bus and told the Assistants that he wanted to play for the next transfer meeting. hahahahahah. Hopefully they'll seize that opportunity.
But then after the Meet the President we went to a member's house and had a barbeque. Unfortunately, I was feeling a twinge under the weather and I had a huge headache. But the food that I did eat was really delicious. It was barbequed chicken legs and it was amazing. Then we went home because we had to have our cars parked at our apartments at 8:00. So Sister Vilingia and I decided that we were going to just watch the fireworks from our roof. So we took our couch cushions outside and made this sweet mattress thing and just chilled until the fireworks started. But then when they did start we couldn't see, so we moved to the front part of our roof and made a little baby sofa. And then we could see. And it was just so relaxing. We didn't get to watch Legacy though, so that was kind of a bummer.
Then the rest of the week was pretty good. I want to tell you more about yesterday though because yesterday was amazing. So we had church yesterday-- it was fast Sunday, of course. And six of our investigators came to church yesterday! It was so amazing. But it gets better. A few weeks ago this little girl in our ward got into an accident with a lawn mower and had to get her foot amputated. (I don't know all of the details-- nor do I want to) But she came to church for the first time since the accident yesterday and she got up and bore her testimony. It was so pure. She's seven and she said that she was grateful for her body and that she knows that Jesus loves her and that she knows that she'll get her foot back in the resurrection. When she was up there the Spirit was so strong. I felt like nobody could deny what she was saying. Everything was true. I feel like words can't even describe the experience. And then our friend Garrett got up and bore his testimony of the power of the Priesthood and the power of priesthood blessings. His mom has cancer and he said that he knew that she is still alive today because of the priesthood blessings she's received. Obviously, this was an incredible testimony meeting. I wish you all could have been there because me telling you about it doesn't do it any form of justice.
But cute story about Mia (the little girl I just told you about). When she was in the ER going into surgery, she said to her grandma, "At least it's not my good leg." She has had such an amazing attitude about everything. She's definitely one of my heroes. She drew us a picture yesterday too. She's the best. I'll take a picture with her one of these days and send it to you.
I'm glad that all of you are doing so well. I am doing incredibly well. I love you all, but there is no place that I would rather be right now than here. Even if I feel like I'm melting like a popsicle on the Fourth of July. (Seriously, this humidity is disgusting) I love hearing about all of your adventures! And I pray that you are doing well and that everything works out for you!  I love you all. This gospel is so true. And prayers are answered. Maybe not in our time, but they are answered.  Love, Sister Leavitt
my six month tie. (I was supposed to burn it, but I haven't gotten around to it) the Elders in my district said that I couldn't burn a tie that I had never worn, so I wore it. I wore it around my head mostly, but I looked like a mess in those pictures.

then we went to Big Boy's. I thought of Shaye and Scott. And the Big Boy's Club. the food wasn't very good. I was kind of disappointed.

we made s'mores on our stove. turns out if you touch the marshmallow to the burner, it starts on fire. you learn something new every day.

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