missionaries. marriage. and college.

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It seems like everywhere around me there are missionaries. My Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt just left for the MTC today, Jordan [Leavitt] and Austin [Cook] both had their "last talk" today, Ben [Rebman] is already at the MTC, Tanner [Tichenor] has his "last talk" in a month, Jaron [Hughes] has his in two months, Michael [Leavitt] is almost done putting his papers in.  My brother, Parley, came home from his mission two months ago, Sawyer [Goff] just got home this week.  Missionaries. Missionaries. Missionaries.

Marriage. Oh, boy.  This has been a strange experience the last few months, I guess I just realized that I am growing up, my friends are going on missions, going to college, GETTING MARRIED!  My friend Cora [Houston, now Wilstead] just got married this last weekend. I was so excited for her! We really bonded in first period Child Development.  My other friend, Jessica [Sullivan, soon to be Baron] is getting married NEXT MONTH! We really bonded at Camp Ruth. (it changes lives... literally)
This is all so strange, but all so exciting at the same time!

College kids, there's a lot of them out there. But I feel like I know the coolest of the coolest.
I have friends all over.... the state of Utah... Okay, so I have some friends in Idaho and New York too!
My best friends all go to different schools. Rachel [Morris] goes to the University of Utah, Annie [Biasi] goes to Dixie, and Nikki [Hafen] goes to SUU.
Parley and Daniel [Gleave] go to BYU-I. Karli [Montague] goes to NYU. Carmina [Erickson] goes to Snow College. Lindsey [Sumpter] goes to Utah State. Katie [Smith] goes to University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
(If I didn't put you down, don't feel bad, I didn't forget you... well, maybe I did, but I don't mean anything by that. Or possibly, I just don't remember where you go to college.)


My friends are so spread out! It kind of makes me a little sad. But days like today, when we all come back home make me way happy!

I love you guys, and I don't know where I would be without great friends like you all!

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