Monday Holidays. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

Hello My Dears,
Just for starters. I dislike Monday holidays. I used to love them with almost every fiber of my being, but then when they started taking away my "email day," our relationship started to get a little rocky. And apparently, America thinks that we need to have a "Monday holiday" every month. (I shake my head at this madness.) But it's all good. We have Tuesdays! And luckily, we have lovely colleges all over the place that allow us to use their computers for free. :)
This week has been so good though. Seriously, miracles happen when you're obedient! I have a huuuuuge testimony of that! We have really been lacking on finding new investigators lately but we decided that we would recommit ourselves to the work and do what we could to find new investigators. Namely to be able to do service in our own area because we were doing it at the Arnold Food Pantry. So we spent the week looking for service opportunities in each of the larger towns in our area and we were able to find one in every single place we looked! And we were able to get quite a few potential investigators that seem really solid. And while that may not seem like a huge miracle to all of you, it really was. We weren't even finding potentials before! So finding some potentials was so wonderful!

And then we also made Valentines for the ward members and so we were delivering those last week and we were able to get in contact with TONS of Less-Active members AND get return appointments with them! I am amazed at how quickly doors open when people feel loved! All last week, Sister McCoy and I talked about how Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching should ALWAYS be done during (or around) holidays because it is SO easy to stop by and say, "Hey, we just wanted to give you something." And then people just open up to you. It's insane. I guess people just really love gifts.... I don't blame them. hahaha.

But life is great! I really love being a missionary! I am so happy to hear about all of the wonderful blessings that you all are receiving. (I like to think/ tell myself that it's because I'm on a mission that these things are happening. ;) At least that's usually what I tell myself on the harder days!) 
For those who aren't quite in on the loop of the blessings that my family have been receiving-- here's a small list: ADDIE'S PREGNANT!! Huzzah!  Shaye's getting married!!  Clancy is going on a mission!
That's just three of the wonderful blessings that have come to others; I won't even begin to list the blessings that I've received for myself. The Lord truly DOES bless us for our sacrifices and desires to serve Him! Part of my blessing is seeing these things happen in the lives of those that I love!

I truly do love all of you! I think you are so great and I love hearing from you! You're all my favorite.
Sister Sadie Leavitt
Oh. P.S. We had Zone Conference this week. :) Can you find me in the picture? :) And the other picture is just a personal fave. Me and the Pres. :)

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