MOST IMPORTANT PART. forgotten. my bad.

OH GOSH. So sorry! I almost forgot the most important part of this WHOLE emailing experience! 

So this transfer, we have been reading the 4 Gospels as a mission, right? Right. Well, this last week, we have had this whole Zone Game going down. It's been a New Testament Trivia Game. Our Zone Leaders would send a shout out message and ask the question and then we had to text in our answers. And if you were the fastest correct response you got two points but if you weren't first but still got it right you got one point. So this has been going on for this last week. And let me tell you. It has been so stressful. Sister Montgomery and I have tried SO hard to win. And last night they asked the last question. And then we got another voicemail (shout out) and they said that US AND CENTRALIA were tied. And then they made us do a tie breaker question. And they said that we could take as long as we needed to figure it out. But that we wouldn't find out who the winner was OR if we got it right until today at Zone P-day. Guess what the tie breaker question was. Just guess. 
I was like, "are you kidding me?" I mean really. We ALL know that Math is NOT my strong point. It is not genetic. Well, we did some math. But we didn't trust ourselves. So then guess what we did. We went chapter by chapter-- Sister Montgomery started at the back and I started at the front-- and counted it out. .... and the worst part-- we're still not sure if we got it right. :/ it's been pretty stressful. But it's all good. 
If we win we get t-shirts. And you and I both know that I love t-shirts. ESPECIALLY if they mean I won something. 
work hard. PLAY HARD. die hard. Sister Sadie Leavitt

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