mother's day tradition

for as long as i can remember my family has been huge fans of traditions. my parents are often quoted with, "if we do it once then it's tradition!" because that's just how us kids interpreted things. 

but there's one tradition that i don't know when or how it started, i just know that it did and it was one we kept religiously until my last great-grandma passed away and until my grandparents went on their first lds mission. 

every mother's day and father's day my little family would take breakfast to my great-grandmas and great-grandfathers AND to my grandma and grandpa. we only took breakfast to my dad's side because my mom's side lived 300+ miles away. but if my mom's side had lived closer, i'm positive they would have been in on this tradition as well. 

it was such a fun tradition. it was always so fun to go to my grandma's early in the morning and "surprise" her with breakfast in bed. (i'm sure after two years, she just suspected it, but my little kid brain always thought that this was the best surprise ever.) we would sneak in with the breakfast plates ready and hot; mother's day and father's day breakfasts were always eggs, toast, bacon, and/or sausage. we would then fill glasses of orange juice or milk and then we would "wake up" my grandparents and visit with them as they ate their breakfasts. 

it wasn't a big tradition that took tons of time (well, actually now that i think about it, it probably took my mom some time...) but it is one that i'll always cherish and remember. 

what are your mother's day traditions? what are some of your most memorable mother's day moments?

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