movie night

parker and i love watching movies. and when i say we love watching movies, i mean we LOVE watching movies. we probably watch two or three movies a week. we really enjoy new movies and love the whole "theater experience." we actually go to the movies almost once a week. we also watch movies at home quite often as well.

[note: we did not receive anything for our reviews of the companies below-- we just really enjoy them!]

we also like to eat really unhealthy food while we watch movies!

in our few months of being together we have watched at least the following movies together:
shawshank redemption (edited)* parental guidance** the maze runner** the avengers** here comes the boom** the man from u.n.c.l.e.*** [this has been one of my favorite movies that we've seen together] mission impossible: rogue nation*** the maze runner: scorch trials*** the intern*** the 33*** the martian*** les miserables** couples retreat** [we didn't love this movie...] baby mama** rocky** austenland* the proposal* win a date with tad hamilton!** pitch perfect* bridge of spies*** inside out* mcfarland usa*
NOTE: we have watched a LOT more movies than this-- i wrote this post about four months ago, but forgot to publish it. oops!

* we watched these videos on one of our favorite websites:, you buy the movie, it lets you filter out whatever you want to and then you can sell the movie back after you're done watching it! it streams right from your phone and works REALLY well. and the best part: you can't even tell that it's edited most of the time! it's great and we love it! but for movies like inside out and mcfarland usa, we just watched the full movie without the filter and it was great! however, vidangel has changed its policy and now requires that you edit out at least ONE thing. for more information about vidangel, go here
we aren't receiving any sort of compensation for our review of vidangel, we just really like it. 
** we watched these videos from our personal or family's collection! 
*** we went to the actual theater for these movies. BUT we only go to the movies on $5 tuesday. we really, really, really love $5 tuesdays at the larry h. miller theaters here in utah. secret: you can get the fancy luxury recliner seats for FIVE DOLLARS on tuesdays if you pre-order your tickets! OR you can get dbox seats for $6 on tuesdays! such a steal. (we've kind of been ruined by the luxury recliner seats. they are soooooo nice. hahaha) 

we have loved watching movies together! i feel like this is something that we will continue to do together for the rest of our happy lives! 

it's spring break though, so we are going to peace out of the blogosphere for the next week! we've got some rad adventures to go on! catch ya later!

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