my life in pictures.

Folks, I am at such an awkward stage of my life. I am too old for high school things, and I'm not technically in college yet, so I'm verging Super Senior Status. Lucky for me, I got a job away from home for a few months. (That job is over now) This is what I have been up to since I graduated from High School.

I went to a Utah Blaze Game. It's Arena football. Respect it.

Was on the JUMBO tron at the Blaze game.

Took a jumping picture with my best friend. Janae. Fairbourn.

Had the annual town water fight. (I think that makes Bunkerville the coolest. EVER.)
Road in the back of a truck. Please notice how tan I was.

Jumped on a trampoline with Roman.
Picked up my broski from the airport.
Took pictures of him hugging my parentals.
Took a picture of him by the town marquee.
Took a picture of him with my cousins.
Took another jumping picture with my other best friend. Rachel. Connie. Morris.
Went to a cross country meet.
Saw some gorgeous sunsets.
Saw some marching bandness.
More of the bandness.
Went to Shaye's Junior Recital.
Saw some RED leaves.
Took pictures of these neat looking flowers.
Saw YELLOW trees. Red leaves AND yellow trees? That is too much Cedar City. Makes a kid jealous.
and I made a SATCHEL! :)

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