My Superhero Mom

My mom is a superhero. I'm sure of it. Momma tries to hide her secret identity by telling others, "Oh, I'm just a mom." But I know better.

She has a cape, but she just pulls it around front and calls it an "apron."

One of my mom's superpowers is that she never has to rest! She plays ponies, and house, and Chutes and Ladders with me and she doesn't even get tired! I've never seen her take a nap or go to bed before me.

Another one of Mom's powers is that she can make REALLY cool lunches. Sometimes she even makes faces with my food! One time she used Mac and Cheese for hair and hot dog slices for eyes and a mouth! 

Oh, and my mom has a super sniffer! She can smell a dirty diaper from a mile away!
My mom's evil nemesis is the laundry. She told me so. "It grows and multiplies every day," she said, "but one day soon I'll tackle it until it's done! You might have won the battle, but you haven't won the war!" She yelled with her fist in the air. 

My mom's kisses have healing powers. A few days ago, I fell off my bike and when mom came to the rescue--because she's a superhero and that's what a superhero does-- she kissed my elbow right where it hurt and after that, it didn't even hurt anymore! Well, it didn't hurt as bad.

My momma is also really good at saying sorry. I think that's a super power because saying sorry can be really hard sometimes.

Mom says she isn't a one-man-band. She has a superhero partner, his name is Daddy. Mom says she couldn't do her job without him and that they make a pretty great team. I always knew my mom was a superhero, but I just learned that Daddy is one too!
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along with these beautiful photos by Sarah May Art & Photography, we also have free coloring printables with the story that were drawn by Kait Morris (@kmsm_art) which you can find below!! (that i've been coloring all morning...)

if you have issues with printing, just let me know! i'd be happy to email you the pdf version!

i would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to both of these talented girls and to my sister-in-law, Amanda for being our model in the photos and allowing us to have her sweet little girl in the photos as well! 

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