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this is my first mother's day with a mother-in-law and i could not be more grateful for this mother than i am for my own mother. 

parker's mom is one of the best moms i know. she's always there with a hello and a goodbye hug. she's a professional dinner maker (i don't think i've ever had the same meal twice for dinner at their house... and in the last 8-9ish months i've had a LOT of dinners over there). she knows who she is and is not afraid to be herself. she is the biggest cheerleader for all of her kids. she always has something nice to say about everyone. 
and last but certainly not least, she raised parker. 
i'm sure this was no easy feat. ;)
just kidding. but parker is stubborn, has an opinion and is not afraid to share it, and he's.. well, he's parker. (which is not a bad thing!! in fact, i love him!)
but along with just dealing with parker's stubborn side, she showed him how to love. she taught him how to do his own laundry (which he actually doesn't do anymore, but he still has that skill, so that's a major bonus), she helped him learn how to apply the Atonement. she cheers him on and is always offering him words of advice or encouragement-- some of the first people he goes to tell happy news are his parents. she always has a listening ear. she allowed him to struggle. she encouraged him to go on a mission. 
and so many other things that i can't even count. 
motherhood is a lifelong job, but it affects so many others than just your own children. i have been so fortunate to marry into such an incredible family. i've learned so much more about love, patience, happiness, friendship, etc. from the banks family. i'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful family. 
so to you moms of boys out there: when your baby boy grows up and gets married, you may not be the number one woman in his life anymore, but i can promise you this: your new daughter-in-law will never replace a boy's mom. we have different roles and responsibilities. and you'll always be his mom.  
photo by Debby Leavitt Photography
Photo by Debby Leavitt Photography
Photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

Happy Mother's Day Jodie!

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