first. the title is said as one word. and really fast. just so there are no misconceptions.
second. my life really does rock. but we're coming to a bump in the road right quick. i'll explain that in a minute. here's why my life rocks.

this happens to be one of the cutest sights i've seen in a while. all of my little cousins were waiting ever so impatiently for Jonny's plane to get in. (my Aunt Sheree was right on the left end of the line, but she moved too fast for me to get a picture)

it rains in Cedar all the time, lately. and when it rains, it pours. (no joke)

i got to supervise Les Miserables, and it was wonderful. and the house was sold out. as per usual. so i colored my map. it was a fantastic night.

we had a little guest services paaaaartaaaay yesterday at Quincey and Tanner's house. the food was good. but then after most everyone left, we had a little concert. where everyone that was there showed off their hidden talents and sang. then we all just sat around the piano and sang together... well i didn't because i thought i knew show tunes. incorrect. i was very incorrect. but it's all good because i had a lot of fun listening to everyone sing and laugh. oh. and Quincey sang a song from My Fair Lady, in the hat that Cameron is wearing above. 
the bump in the road: everyone is going to school this week. well, all of my friends at work. and the summer season is ending soon so my friends that aren't going to school yet, are going home next week. sad day. but i hope everyone going to school has a great time! i'm sure gonna miss them!

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