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Dear Family,
As you might have noticed, because of the holiday that was yesterday, we didn't get to email because apparently the world shuts down for national holidays. It's cool though. We had Zone P-day. We played volleyball and ultimate frisbee at SEMO. So that was kind of fun.
I'm glad to hear that Grandma and Grandpa made it home safe and sound. Even though they missed some of their flights. I was a twinge upset about not seeing any pictures this week, but I suppose that I'll get some next week. (hint. hint.) I'm quite impressed that they kept their fireside to an hour. Great work, Grandma and Grandpa!! I can't wait to hear some of your stories in person... of course that won't be for a while, but hey, I'm still excited.
This last week was pretty eventful, we had Zone Conference. That was pretty good. It was freezing in our church building, so Sister Furch and I borrowed some blankets from the Relief Society closet. And then President Morgan laughed at us, because he was wearing a suit. All the elders were telling us how hot it was. But in reality, it was freezing.
We tracted a whole heap this week. Hopefully the Cape Girardeau Ward will jump on the referral bandwagon soon because it was REALLY hot this week. Like suuuuper hot. But we got three new investigators this last week-- all from tracting! They might all live in the same house, but whatever. We're supposed to be searching for families! And we only had to knock on 5487928374102983741029784 doors to find them! (thinking positive here)
Oh, on Friday we went to a baptism of one of the Jackson Elders' investigators. It was really neat. But he was a big guy and the font in our building is TINY. So that was kind of interesting. Our investigator that came (he's getting baptized on Sunday) was as white as a ghost after watching-- he's really tall and has a really bad hip... We'll figure something out. Either way, he'll get baptized. hahaha.
We pretty much had a great week. Oh!! When we were tracting we got invited to a Methodist church! We're going to go on the 22nd! They're having a party. And one of their chair people (I don't remember what he said the real name was) invited us to come and have cake! So we're going to go! Sister Furch and I are pretty stoked. :)
I'm looking forward to this week. We have some great stuff planned! I'll let you know how it all goes down next week!
Oh, Mom: The statement. it was for Church Headquarters. (Oh, p.s. I totally talked to Church Headquarters this week. When I talked to the Assistants about it, both of them were like, "I'VE NEVER EVEN GOT TO TALK TO CHURCH HEADQUARTERS." Apparently you have to be cool to talk to them....... or you have to almost get sued..... But it's whatever.) Btdubs. The church is SO cool. They were so nice to me! I was so nervous when I got the voicemail from them. And then I was shaking when I called them back. But seriously, they were just too nice. They told me I had better things to worry about than an apartment. And then they told me to go teach tons of people. hahah. best. people. ever.
That hike that the guys went on this last week looked so scary! But waaaaaay pretty! I'm glad that they got to do it in two days. That was super cool though. I loved the pictures. (another hint)
I hope you all are doing swell! Love you tons and tons.  Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt!

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