nearing seven...

Dear Family,
How are you all? I'm doing pretty well. There is a kid here at the library that is just laughing away at his computer... he must be watching something mighty funny. hahahaha. His face is all red. It's pretty awesome.
This week went by super quickly. Honestly, I can't remember much of it. Except the fact that I've been coughing like CRAZY all week long. I don't know what it is, but it sure is annoying. And I even took cough medicine TWICE. that stuff is disgusting. I've decided that being an adult is the worst. When you're a kid, your parents make you take it. When you're an adult YOU have to make yourself take it. And that is possibly the nastiest medicine out there. Whoever decided that the artificial flavor of cherry was a good idea, should probably not give out anymore of their ideas.
On Monday we had Zone P-Day. We tie-dyed shirts. It was such a blast. Mine turned out super cool. But we tie-dyed the shirts for our next Zone P-day (next week). We're playing Capture the Flag against the South Zone. I'm pretty stoked. My Zone is pretty legit. Plus, we have matching tee shirts. So I think that makes us automatic winners no matter what.
I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well. I haven't heard from Clancy or Parley in a while. But I assume from everyone else's emails that they are doing pretty well. They sound pretty alright. I'm super jealous of Addie and Scott-- going to Europe and such for a little while. That'll be way cool. And Mom, your foot dilemma-- super funny. I'm curious as to what you wore to church since Shaye said you couldn't wear tennis shoes or crocs. hahahaha. I think Shaye would be disgusted at most of my outfits out here... I wear a lot of black shoes with brown shirts... I don't want to, but my brown shoes are out of commission right now and I keep forgetting to buy super glue. And there are literally NO cute brown shoes out here. I checked.
Oh. I forgot! We biked ALL day on Friday. Literally. All day. I'm pretty sure we biked all over creation. And Sister Vilingia had a flat tire until like 7:30 pm. She's a champ. Oh. And I locked the keys in the apartment on Friday too. It was an adventurous day. And I almost got hit by a car on my bike. Twice. But that was my fault. I learned on Fridaythat there are TWO bike lanes. One for each side of the road. Maybe Mesquite should get some bike lanes so us kids can learn how to ride safely on the road. It's cool though. I'm still living and the investigator that almost hit me is over it, I'm pretty sure.... However she didn't come to church, so maybe not.... We'll see.
Oh my goodness. I almost forgot. This week was crazy. Silly me. On Wednesday night we got a call from a recent convert asking us if we could go sit with her mother in the ER for a while because she was on her way back from work. So we called up our District Leader and asked if we could go. He said yes. So down to the ER we went. They needed us to stay until Leota (the mom) got cleared to go home. So she finally got cleared to go home at like 11:45. And we took her to her apartment. And then we got home at 12:30. It was pretty crazy. And then she ended up having to go back to the hospital the next day, but they took her to a different one down in St. Louis. And we got to go visit her with the Johnson's yesterday! It was way fun. Leota was super excited to see us. Because she loves us.
This week was pretty good. A lot of weird things happened. But I've learned to go with the flow more as a missionary. There's always SOMETHING crazy that comes up. I hope you are all well. I can't believe Grandma and Grandpa get home soon. Benson's letters always say six weeks, so I'm not really sure as to when they are actually getting home...
I love you all so much! The gospel is true! And it makes you so happy if you will just live it! I promise! And I've learned lately that agency really is so important to Heavenly Father and that He won't take it away-- even if He knows it is going to hurt one of His children. He respects our agency THAT much. I just think that it is hard to learn that other people have agency too and their agency really can affect us. But it is ALL for our good. In the end, it'll all work out. Promise.

Love you.
Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. did you get the key to my heart? because I TOTALLY re-locked it this week. hahahahahaha I'll send pictures. best. companion study. ever.
oh. and I beat Christian Thomas at chess yesterday while we were waiting for dinner to be done. it was the coolest. and I felt so cool..... until his little 12 year old brother kicked my trash. I would have won but they changed the rules on me. Or Michael's rules from 4th grade weren't actually the rules... I'm gonna go with the first one though.

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